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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 354 -JULY 20,1949 Availability of funds for certain employees in Arctic region. 59 Stat. 26 298. U.S. C. §i911-913, 921, 922; Supp. II, I 922 note. Transfer of surplus equipment. of articles prepared officially by Government employees, as follows: Operation and administration: For the general operation and administration of the Bureau; improvement and care of the grounds; plant equipment; maintenance and protection of buildings, including repairs and alterations thereto; $1,400,000. Research and testing: For calibrating and certifying measuring instruments, apparatus, and standards in terms of the national stand- ards; the preparation and distribution of standard materials; the testing of equipment, materials, and supplies in connection with Gov- ernment purchases; the improvement of methods of testing; advisory services to governmental agencies on scientific and technical matters; the maintenance and development of national standards of measure- ment; the development of improved methods of measurement; the determination of physical constants and the properties of materials; the investigation of mechanisms and structures, including their econ- omy, efficiency, and safety; the study of fluid resistance and the flow of fluids and heat; the investigation of radiation, radioactive sub- stances, and X-rays; the development of methods of chemical analysis and synthesis, and the investigation of the properties of rare sub- stances; investigations relating to the utilization of materials, includ- ing lubricants and liquid fuels; the study of new processes and methods of fabrication; the solutions of problems arising in connection with standards; cooperation with Government purchasing agencies, indus- tries, and national organizations in developing specifications and facilitating their use; encouragement of the application of the latest developments in the utilization and standardization of building materials; the development of engineering and safety codes, simplified practice recommendations, and commercial standards of quality and performance; and the compilation of and dissemination of scientific and technical data; $4,300,000. Radio propagation and standards: For development and mainte- nance of primary standards of measurement of electrical quantities at radio frequencies; calibrating and certifying radio measuring instruments, apparatus, and standards in terms of the national primary standards; investigation of the phenomena affecting the propagation of radio waves; the broadcasting of radio signals of standard fre- quency; the compilation and dissemination of scientific and technical data relating to the propagation of radio waves, and measurement of electrical quantities at radio frequencies: Provided, That for em- ployees conducting observations on radio propagation phenomena in the Arctic region, the funds appropriated and the funds transferred or advanced from other Government agencies to the National Bureau of Standards shall be available for the appointment of such employees at base rates not in excess of $5,000 per annum without regard to the civil service and classification laws and titles II and III of the Federal Employees Pay Act of 1945; and for the furnishing of food, shelter, and protective clothing and equipment, without repayment therefor, to employees of the Government assigned to Arctic stations; and the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force are authorized, sub- ject to the approval of the Bureau of the Budget, to transfer without charge to the National Bureau of Standards materials, equipment, and supplies, surplus to their needs and necessary for the establish- ment, maintenance, and operation of Arctic ionosphere observation stations, $3,100,000. WEATHER BUREAU Salaries and expenses: For expenses necessary for the Weather Bureau, including personal services in the District of Columbia; maintenance and operation of aircraft, and purchase of one for 468 [63 STAT.