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497 63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 393-AUG. 4 , 1949 § 4. Operation as a service in the Navy Whenever the Coast Guard operates as a service in the Navy: (a) applicable appropriations of the Navy Department shall be available for the expense of the Coast Guard; (b) applicable appropriations of the Coast Guard shall be available for transfer to the Navy Department; (c) precedence between commissioned officers of correspond- ing grades in the Coast Guard and the Navy shall be determined by the date of rank stated by their commissions in those grades; (d) personnel of the Coast Guard shall be eligible to receive gratuities, medals, and other insignia of honor on the same basis as personnel in the naval service or serving in any capacity with the Navy; (e) the Secretary may place on furlough any officer of the Coast Guard and officers on furlough shall receive one half of the pay to which they would be entitled if on leave of absence, but officers of the Coast Guard Reserve shall not be so placed on furlough; and (f) personnel of the Coast Guard shall be subject to the laws prescribed for the government of the Navy. §5. "Secretary" defined As used in this title, the term "Secretary" means the Secretary of the respective department in which the Coast Guard is operating. CHAPTER 3-COMPOSITION AND ORGANIZATION Sec. 41. Grades and ratings. 42. Number and distribution of commissioned officers. 43. Relative rank of commissioned officers with respect to Army and Navy. 44. Commandant; appointment. 45. Permanent grade of Commandant on expiration of term. 46. Retirement of Commandant. 47. Assistant Commandant and Engineer in Chief; appointment. 48. Permanent grade of Assistant Commandant ann Engineer in Chief on expira- tion of term. 49. Retirement of Assistant Commandant and Engineer in Chief. § 41. Grades and ratings In the Coast Guard there shall be a vice admiral, rear admirals, captains, commanders, lieutenant commanders, lieutenants, lieutenants (junior grade), ensigns, commissioned warrant officers, cadets, warrant officers, and enlisted men. Enlisted men shall be distributed in ratings established by the Secretary. § 42. Number and distribution of commissioned officers The total number of commissioned officers, including permanent, temporary, temporary service, and reserve officers on active duty, and excluding commissioned warrant officers, on the active list of the Coast Guard shall not exceed two thousand two hundred and fifty. Included in this number are the extra numbers in grade which under law operate to increase the authorized number of line officers upon separation or retirement of the person holding that number, and the members of the permanent commissioned teaching staff of the Coast Guard Academy, who shall not be considered as extra numbers in grade. The commissioned officers shall be distributed in the grades of rear admiral, captain, commander, lieutenant commander, lieuten- ant, lieutenant (junior grade), and ensign in the same percentages as prescribed by Act of Congress for the Navy. To determine the 81939 -50-PT. -- 32