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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 393-AUG. 4, 1949 5U.S. C., Supp. I, § 73b-1 note. apply in the case of a professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or commissioned instructor serving under a temporary appointment. § 191. Credit for service as civilian instructor Service as a civilian instructor or civilian librarian at the Academy in addition to creditable services authorized by any other law in any of the military services rendered prior to an appointment as professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or commissioned instructor shall be credited in computing length of service as a professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or commissioned instructor for purposes of pay and allowances. § 192. Assignment of personnel as instructors The Commandant may assign any commissioned officer, warrant officer, or enlisted man to appropriate instruction duty at the Academy. § 193. Advisory Committee The Secretary may appoint an Advisory Committee to the Academy, consisting of not more than seven persons of distinction in education and other fields relating to the purposes of the Academy, who shall serve without pay. Members of the Advisory Committee shall be appointed for terms of not to exceed three years and may be re- appointed. The Secretary shall, in June of each year, appoint one of the members to serve as chairman. The members so appointed shall visit the Academy at least once during the academic year on the call of the Chairman and may convene once each year at Headquarters, at the call of the Commandant, for the purpose of examining the course of instruction and advising the Commandant relative thereto. Each member of the Committee shall be reimbursed from Coast Guard appropriations in conformity with section 73b-1 of Title 5, or such actual expenses as permitted by section 73b-2 of Title 5 shall be defrayed by the Coast Guard. § 194. Annual Board of Visitors (a) In addition to the Advisory Committee, there shall be ap- pointed in January of each year a Board of Visitors to the Academy, consisting of two Senators and three members of the House of Repre- sentatives, appointed by the chairmen of the committees of the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively, having cognizance of legislation pertaining to the Academy, the chairlmen ofsaid committees being ex officio members of the Board, and of one Senator and two members of the House of Representatives appointed by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, respec- tively. Whenever a member or an ex officio member is unable to attend the annual meeting as provided in this section another member may be appointed in his stead in the manner as herein provided but without restriction as to month of appointment. (b) Such Board shall visit the Academy annually on a date to be fixed by the Secretary. Each member of the Board shall be reim- bursed from Coast Guard appropriations under Government travel regulations for the actual expense incurred by him while engaged in duties as a member of such Board, or such actual expenses as per- mitted under such regulations shall be defrayed by the Coast Guard. CHAPTER 11-PERSONNEL COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Sec. 221. Filling of vacancies. 222. Promotion of officers to flag rank. 510 [63 STAT.