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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 393-AUG. 4, 1949 death, such temporary member or dependent shall elect which benefit he shall receive. (c) Whenever, pursuant to this section a claim is filed with the Bureau for benefits because of an alleged injury or death, the Bureau shall notify the Commandant who shall cause an investigation to be made into the facts surrounding such alleged injury and make certifica- tion with respect thereto, including certification as to such injured or deceased person's temporary membership in the Reserve and his military status, and whether the injury or death occurred incident to service. (d) Temporary members of the Reserve who incur physical dis- ability or contract sickness or disease while performing any specific duty to which they have been assigned by competent Coast Guard authority shall be entitled to the same hospital treatment afforded officers and enlisted men of the Coast Guard. § 761. Engaging in civil occupation; leave for training duty No existing law shall be construed to prevent any member of the Reserve solely by reason of membership therein from accepting employment in any civil branch of the Federal Government or of the District of Columbia nor from receiving the pay and allowances inci- dent to such employment in addition to the pay and allowances to which he may be entitled as a member of the Reserve, nor as prohibit- ing him from practicing his civilian profession or occupation before or in connection with any department of the Federal Government. Officers and employees of the United States or of the District of Columbia who are members of the Reserve shall be entitled to leave of absence from their respective duties, without loss of pay, time, or efficiency ratings when on training duty in the Reserve, not to exceed 15 calendar days in any one calendar year. All members of the Reserve who are in the employ of the United States Government or of the District of Columbia and who are ordered to duty by proper authority shall, when relieved from duty, be restored to the positions held by them when ordered to duty. § 762. Women's Reserve (a) The Women's Reserve shall be a branch of the Coast Guard Reserve and shall be administered in the same manner as provided for the Reserve in all respects, except as may be necessary to adapt such provisions to the Women's Reserve, or as may be otherwise provided by act of Congress. (b) Members of the Women's Reserve may be commissioned, appointed, or enlisted in grades and ratings as prescribed by the Sec- retary, but not above the grade of captain. (c) Military authority of members of the Women's Reserve may be exercised over other members of the Women's Reserve only. (d) Members of the Women's Reserve shall not be assigned duty on board combat vessels, or in combat aircraft, nor shall they be other- wise assigned to combat duty. They shall not be assigned to duty other than in the United States, its territories and possessions, and shall not be assigned to duty outside the continental limits of the United States, unless they have requested such duty. CHAPTER 23-COAST GUARD AUXILIARY Sec 821. Administration. 822. Purpose. 823 Eligibility, enrollments. 824. Disenrollment. 554 [63 STAT.