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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 412 -AUG. 10, 1949 Transfer of person- nel. 47 Stat. 417 . the President, be transferred to, and be available for use by, the depart- ment or agency to which said function or activity is transferred or assigned for any purpose for which said funds were originally avail- able. Balances so transferred shall be credited to any applicable exist- ing appropriation account or accounts, or to any new appropriation account or accounts, which are hereby authorized to be established on the books of the Treasury Department, of the department or organ- ization to which such function or activity is transferred, and shall be merged with funds in the applicable existing or newly established appropriation account or accounts and thereafter accounted for as one fund. Balances transferred to existing accounts shall be subject only to such limitations as are specifically applicable to such accounts and those transferred to new accounts shall be subject only to such limitations as are applicable to the appropriations from which they are transferred. " (b) The number of employees which in the opinion of the Secretary of Defense is required for such transferred functions or activities may, with the approval of the Director of the Bureau of the Budget, be deducted from any personnel maximum or limitation of the depart- ment or agency within the Department of Defense from which such function or activity is transferred, and added to any such personnel maximum or limitation of the department or agency to which such function or activity is transferred. "AVAILABLITr or REIMBURSEMENTs "SEC. 408. To carry out the purposes of this Act, reimbursements made under the authority of the Economy Act (31 U. S. C. 686), and sums paid by or on behalf of personnel of any department or organi- zation for services rendered or supplies furnished, may be credited to authorize replacing or other accounts. Funds credited to such accounts shall remain available for obligation for the same period as the funds in the account so credited and each such account shall constitute one fund on the books of the Treasury Department. "COMMON USE OF DISBURSING FACILITIES "SEC. 409. To the extent authorized by the Secretary of Defense, disbursing officers of the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force may, out of accounts of advances available to them, make dis- bursements covering obligations arising in connection with any func- tion or activity of any other department or organization within the Department of Defense and charge upon vouchers the proper appro- priation or appropriations of the other department or organization: Provided, That all said expenditures shall subsequently be adjusted in settlement of disbursing officers' accounts. "REPORTS OF PROPERTY "SEC. 410. The Secretary of Defense shall cause property records to be maintained in the three military departments, so far as practicable, on both a quantitative and monetary basis. under regulations which he shall prescribe. Such property records shall include the fixed prop- erty, installations, and major items of equipment as well as the supplies. materials, and equipment held in store by the armed services. The Secretary shall report annually thereon to the President and to the Congress. "REPEALING AND SAVING PROVISIONS "SEC. 411 . All laws, orders, and regulations inconsistent with the provisions of this title are repealed insofar as they are inconsistent 590 [63 STAT.