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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 415-AUG. 10, 1949 Panama Railroad Company on the Isthmus of Panama, any compen- sation which may be payable on account of his accumulated and cur- rent accrued leave, under the conditions of employment prescribed by authority of section 81 of this title, as amended, shall be paid, upon the establishment of a valid claim therefor, in the following order of precedence: "First, to the beneficiary or beneficiaries, if any, lawfully designated by the employee under the retirement Act applicable to his service; and "Second, if there be no such designated beneficiary, to the estate of such deceased employee: Provided, That any such payment shall be subject to the deduction, as provided in section 83 of this title, of all amounts due from the employee for supplies and services to the extent only, however, that other compensation due to the employee is insuffi- cient for such purpose." SEC. 2. Title 2 of the Canal Zone Code is amended by adding in chapter 9 thereof two new sections numbered 181 and 182, respectively, and reading as follows: "181. REGULATIONS RELATIVE TO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. - The Presi- dent is granted continuing authority to make regulations in respect to the sale and manufacture of alcoholic beverages within, and the importation thereof into and exportation thereof from, the Canal Zone, including the authority to prescribe licenses and fees for the sale and manufacture of such beverages. "182. VIOLATION OF REGULATIONS; PUNISHMENT.- Any person who shall violate any provision of such regulations shall be punishable by a fine of not more than $500, or by imprisonment in jail for not more than six months, or by both, and in addition the license of such person may be revoked or suspended as the President may by such regulations prescribe." SEC. 3 . Section 303 of title 2 of the Canal Zone Code is amended to read as follows: "303. REVOCABLE LICENSES COVERING LANDS OUTSIDE OF TOWN SITEs. -W henever the Governor of the Panama Canal deems such action to be necessary to, or in the interests of, the Government of the United States and of the efficient operation, maintenance, sanitation, government, and protection of the Panama Canal and Canal Zone, the Governor is authorized, either in person or through such officer as he may designate, to issue revocable licenses covering the use of tracts of land situated outside of town sites in the Canal Zone. The terms and conditions of licenses issued under authority of this section shall be as prescribed by the Governor, except that the said licenses shall be revocable at the pleasure of the Governor and that, upon revocation of a license hereunder, the licensee shall, immediately or upon such reasonable notice as the Governor may prescribe, vacate the licensed area, remove therefrom all improvements which he may have placed upon the licensed area, and restore the licensed area to a condition satisfactory to the Governor, and shall not be entitled to indemnifi- Pror liUene. cation for the value of such improvements: Provided,however, That licenses heretofore issued by authority of the Governor, and still in force, covering the use of tracts of land for agricultural purposes are ratified and confirmed in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to them, respectively, and that upon the revocation of any of such licenses the terms and conditions applicable to which are such as to provide for compensation to the licensee in the reasonable value of the improvements made by him on said tract, to be determined in such manner as the Governor may direct, the compensation is author- ized so to be determined and to be paid out of any moneys hereto- fore or hereafter appropriated for such purpose, except that no com- pensation shall be paid in the case of any license which is revoked on account of a material breach by the licensee of the terms and conditions 594 [63 STAT.