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81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 48-APR . 6 , 1949 to enable the State of New Mexico to make full use of the water appor- tioned to the State of New Mexico by Article III of this Compact, subject, however, to the following: "(a) A first and prior right saall be recognized as to: "(1) All uses of water made in either State at the time of the signing of this Compact; and "(2) All uses of water contemplated by projects authorized, at the time of the signing of this Compact, under the laws of the United States of America whether or not such projects are eventually con- structed by the United States of America or by some other entity. "(b) The State of Colorado assents to diversions and storage of water in the State of Colorado for use in the State of New Mexico, subject to compliance with Article IX of this Compact. "(c) The uses of the waters of the San Juan River and any of its tributaries within either State which are dependent upon a common source of water and which are not covered by (a) hereof, shall in times of water shortages be reduced in such quantity that the resulting consumptive use in each State will bear the same proportionate rela- tion to the consumptive use made in each State during times of average water supply as determined by the Commission; provided, that any preferential uses of water to which Indians are entitled under Article XIX shall be excluded in determining the amount of curtail- ment to be made under this paragraph. "(d) The curtailment of water use by either State in order to make deliveries at Lee Ferry as required by Article IV of this Compact shall be independent of any and all conditions imposed by this Article and shall be made by each State, as and when required, without regard to any provision of this Article. "(e) All consumptive use of the waters of the San Juan River and its tributaries shall be charged under the apportionment of Article III hereof to the State in which the use is made; provided, that consumptive use incident to the diversion, impounding or conveyance of water in one State for use in the other shall be charged to the latter State. "ARTICLE XV "(a) Subject to the provisions of the Colorado River Compact and of this Compact, water of the Upper Colorado River System may be impounded and used for the generation of electrical power, but such impounding and use shall be subservient to the use and consumption of such water for agricultural and domestic purposes and shall not interfere with or prevent use for such dominant purposes. " (b) The provisions of this Compact shall not apply to or interfere with the right or power of any signatory State to regulate within its boundaries the appropriation, use and control of water, the consump- tive use of which is apportioned and available to such State by this Compact. "ARTICLE XVI "The failure of any State to use the water, or any part thereof, the use of which is apportioned to it under the terms of this Compact, shall not constitute a relinquishment of the right to such use to the Lower Basin or to any other State, nor shall it constitute a forfeiture or abandonment of the right to such use. ARTICLE XVII "The use of any water now or hereafter imported into the natural drainage basin of the Upper Colorado River System shall not be 41 63 STAT.]