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63 STAT.] 81RT CONG. , 1S T SESS.-CH. 680 -OCT. 12, 1949 establishing a revolving fund which shall be available, without fiscal- year limitation, exclusively for transfer to the single fund appro- priation for the Geological Survey to cover obligations arising from authorized reimbursable services, pending receipt of reimbursements from cooperating agencies: Provided, That amounts so transferred shall be returned to the revolving fund not later than six months after the close of the fiscal year in which transferred. During the current fiscal year the head of any department or inde- pendent establishment of the Government having funds available for scientific and technical investigations within the scope of the functions of the Geological Survey may, with the approval of the Secretary, transfer to the Geological Survey such sums as may be necessary therefor, which sums so transferred may be expended for the same objects and in the same manner as sums appropriated herein may be expended: Provided, That not to exceed 5 per centum of any of the appropriations for the Geological Survey may be transferred to any other of such appropriations, but no appropriation shall be increased more than 5 per centum thereby. Any such transfer shall be reported to Congress in the annual budget; In the event that the Director of the Geological Survey deems it advantageous to the Government, the Geological Survey is authorized to contract for the furnishing of topographic maps made from aerial photographs, or for the making of geophysical or other specialized surveys: Provided, That the foregoing amounts for the Geological Survey shall be available in one fund. The Geological Survey is hereby authorized to acquire by transfer without exchange of funds, for one year beginning July 1, 1949, from executive departments or independent establishments, equipment, materials, and supplies of all kinds, with an appraised value of not to exceed $150,000 from the surplus stores of these agencies: Provided, That the authorization in this paragraph shall not be construed to deny to veterans the priority accorded to them in obtaining surplus property under Public Law 375, approved May 3,1946. BUREAU OF MINES Salaries and expenses: For expenses necessary for the general admin- istration of the Bureau of Mines, including $103,500 for personal serv- ices in the District of Columbia, and printing and binding, including the purchase of reprints of scientific and technical articles published in periodicals and journals, $158,000. Operating mine-rescue cars and stations and investigation of mine accidents: For expenses necessary for the investigation and improve- ment of mine-rescue and first-aid methods and appliances and the teaching of mine safety, rescue, and first-aid methods; investigations as to the causes of mine explosions, causes of falls of roof and coal, methods of mining, especially in relation to the safety of miners, the possible improvement of conditions under which mining opera- tions are carried on, the use of explosives and electricity, the preven- tion of accidents, statistical studies and reports relating to mine acci- dents, and other investigations pertinent to the mining industry; including the construction of temporary buildings; equipment and supplies; printing and binding; travel expenses of employees in attendance at meetings and conferences held for the purpose of pro- moting safety and health in the mining and allied industries; and not to exceed $106,000 for personal services in the District of Columbia, $1,200,000, of which not to exceed $500 may be expended for the purchase and bestowal of certificates and trophies in connection with mine-rescue and first-aid work. 787 Cooperative work on scientific, etc., in- vestigations. Transfer of funds. Interchange of amounts. Report to Congress. Contracts for maps, etc. Transfer of surplus supplies, etc. 60 Stat. 168. t§ 1621,1622 ,1625 ,1627; Supp. II , 1§ 1622, 1627. Ante, pp. 399, 700, 701.