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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 681 -OCT. 12 , 1949 as the case may be, only under unusual or emergency circumstances, including but not limited to, (1) circumstances when duty is being performed by such member at places designated by the Secretary concerned as within zones from which dependents should be evacuated, (2) circumstances when orders which direct temporary duty travel of such member do not provide for return to the permanent station or do not specify or imply any limit to the period of absence from the permanent station, or (3) circumstances when such members are serv- ing on permanent duty at stations outside the continental United States or in Alaska, or on sea duty. The Secretary concerned shall define the term "permanent station", which definition shall include, but not be limited to, a shore station or the home yard or home port of the vessel to which a member of the uniformed services entitled to receive basic pay may be ordered; and a duly authorized change in home yard or home port of such vessel shall be deemed a change of permanent station. Under regulations prescribed by the Secretary concerned, transportation for dependents and baggage and household effects are authorized upon the death of a member of the uniformed services while entitled to receive basic pay pursuant to section 201 (e) of this Act. (d) A member of the uniformed services on duty with or under training for the Military Air Transport Service, Marine Corps Trans- port Squadrons, or Fleet Logistics Support Unit and away from his permanent station, may be paid a per diem in lieu of subsistence in an amount not to exceed the amount to which he would be entitled if performing temporary duty travel, without in either case the issu- ance of orders for specific travel. (e) Cadets of the United States Military Academy, midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy, cadets of the United States Coast Guard Academy, applicants for enlistment, rejected applicants, general prisoners, discharged prisoners, insane patients transferred from military hospitals to other hospitals or their home. and persons discharged from Saint Elizabeths Hospital after transfer from one of the uniformed services, shall be entitled to receive such travel and transportation allowances as are provided in subsection (a) of this section, as may be prescribed by the Secretaries concerned, due con- sideration being given to the rights of the Government as well as those of the individual in the promulgation of regulations prescribing said allowances. (f) The Secretaries concerned in establishing the rates and types of allowances authorized by this section shall consider in prescribing (1) monetary allowance in lieu of transportation-average cost of first- class transportation including sleeping accommodations, (2) per diem rates-the current economic data on cost of subsistence (including lodging and other necessary incidental expenses related thereto), and (3) mileage rates-average cost of first-class transportation including sleeping accommodations and current economic data on cost of sub- sistence (including lodging and other necessary incidental expenses related thereto). (g) The Secretaries concerned shall determine what shall consti- tute a travel status. (h) Regulations shall be promulgated by the Secretaries of the uni- formed services, as provided herein, and such regulations shall be uni- form for all services insofar as practicable: Provided, That no pro- visions of this section shall become effective until such regulations have been issued: Provided further, That nothing contained in this Act shall preclude the payment of travel and transportation allowances under provisions of law in effect on the day prior to the effective date of this Act, until such regulations are issued pursuant to this sub- section. 815 "Permanent sta- tion. " Death of member. Ante, p. 807. Per diem in lieu of subsistence. Cadets, midship- men, etc., travel allow- ances, etc. Basis for rates and typos of allowances. Regulations.