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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CHS. 759, 760-OCT. 26 , 1949 sum equal to 50 per centum of the fair market value, all the right, title, and interest of the United States in and to the following- described land: Beginning at a point on the south line of the State Secondary High- way also known as Queen Avenue, thirty and nine-tenths feet south ten degrees fifty minutes west of the northeast corner of George W. Cline DLC numbered 84 in township 11 south, range 4 west, of the Willamette meridian in Linn County, Oregon; and running thence south ten degrees fifty minutes west along the east line of said claim two hundred and eighty-five feet to a point where the projection of the west line of Liberty Street would intersect said claim line; thence north no degrees forty-eight minutes west along the projection of said Liberty Street two hundred seventy-seven and eight-tenths feet to the south line of Queen Avenue; thence north eighty-six degrees fifty- seven minutes east along said line fifty-seven and seventy-one one - hundredths feet to the place of beginning. Approved October 26, 1949. [CHAPTER 760] AN ACT To provide for certain improvements relating to the Capitol Power Plant, its distribution systems, and the buildings and grounds served by the plant, including proposed additions. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Architect of the Capitol, under the direction of the House Office Building Com- mission, is hereby authorized and directed to effect the following improvements, with such modifications as the Commission may approve, relating to the Capitol Power Plant, its distribution systems, and the buildings and grounds served by the plant, including proposed additions: (1) Convert the electrical lighting and power systems and other electrical equipment in all buildings and grounds, including the refrigeration plant, now served by the Capitol Power Plant, from twenty-five cycle and direct current to sixty cycle alternating current. (2) Upon completion of such conversion, discontinue generating electrical energy at the Capitol Power Plant and purchase all electrical energy for the buildings and grounds now supplied by the plant; and prior to the completion of such conversion, the Architect of the Capi- tol, with the approval of the House Office Building Commission, may purchase such electrical energy as he may deem necessary for such buildings and grounds. (3) Install, m lieu of present boiler equipment, two new modern spreader stoker-fired, coal-burning boilers, each approximately one hundred and eighty thousand pounds per hour capacity, four hun- dred pounds per square inch gage, including necessary auxiliary equipment, in the existing Capitol Power Plant building, for supply- ing steam for heating and other existing services for the buildings now supplied by the plant and the additional office building author- ized by Public Law 785, Eightieth Congress, to be so supplied. (4) Construct a new walk-through tunnel, including branch tun- nels, from the Capitol Power Plant to the Senate Office Building, to be routed under North Carolina Avenue Southeast, Second Street Southeast and Northeast, and C Street Northeast; and upon com- pletion of the new tunnel, abandon the section of the existing main steam tunnel structure between the Old House Office Building and the Senate Office Building when the same is no longer required for service. 933 October 26, 1949 [H. R . 6281] [Public Law 413] Capitol Power Plant. Improvements au- thorized. 62 Stat. 1028.