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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CHS. 770, 71--OCT. 27, 1949 McKay Dam and Reservoir. Following the close of each calendar year, moneys in said special deposit account, in excess of the require- ments of (i) and (ii) as determined by the Secretary, shall be trans- ferred to the reclamation fund. VALE PROJECT, OREGON SEC. 5 . The contract dated April 11, 1949, with the Vale Oregon Irrigation District. (a) All beginning with the first "Provided" under the subheading Vale Project, Oregon", under the heading "Bureau of Reclamation", of the Act of March 3, 1925 (43 Stat. 1141, 1168), is hereby repealed, and the word "Vale" is hereby stricken out from the first sentence of the third paragraph under the heading "Bureau of Reclamation" of the Act of May 10, 1926 (44 Stat. 453, 479). YAKIMA PROJECT, WASHINGTON SEC. 6 . The contract with the Prosser Irrigation District which was approved by the electors of said district on May 28, 1949. SEC. 7 . In the event expenditures are made by the United States for rehabilitation and betterment work as contemplated by the terms of the contracts approved by sections 2, 3, and 5 of this Act, payments made to the United States in reduction of the respective construction charge obligations thereunder shall be applied annually against such expenditures until an amount equal thereto shall have been returned to the United States. SEC. 8 . This Act is declared to be a part of the Federal reclamation laws as these are defined in the Reclamation Project Act of 1939 (53 Stat. 1187). Approved October 27, 1949. [CHAPTER 771] AN ACT To authorize certain construction at military and naval installations, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, TITLE I SEC. 101. The Secretary of the Army, under the direction of the Secretary of Defense, is hereby authorized to establish or develop mili- tary installations and facilities by the construction, installation, or equipment of temporary or permanent public works, including build- ings, facilities, appurtenances, and utilities, as follows: OUTSIDE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES Alaska: Survey Valdez pipe line, $315,000. Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska: Petroleum terminal storage, $2,000,000. Fort Richardson, Alaska: Ordnance shops, water intake, petroleum terminal storage and dock, design of four-hundred-bed station hos- pital, water supply, warehouses, heat and power plant, water treat- ment, enlisted men's service club, outside utilities, bachelor officers' quarters, barracks, family housing and utilities, $34,253,655. Whittier, Alaska: Outside utilities, central heat and power plant, composite bachelor housing, service and recreation building, $9,514,700. 943 Transfer of funds. Repeal. Return of expendi- tures made byU. S. Ante, p. 942. 43U.S.C.§485k; Supp. II, § 485a note. October 27, 1949 [H. R. 6303] [Public Law 420] Construction at mil- Itary and naval Ilstal. latlons. Army.