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Agricultural Experiment Stations: Payments to States and Territories, appropriation for Salaries and expenses, appropriation for. Agricultural Extension Work, appropriation for


^*^® Agriculture, Department of—Continued. ^^^^ Animal I n d u s t r y, Bureau of—Con. Brucellosis, interstate movement of 227 228 animals reacting to test for 693 Condemned animals, compensation 241 for, limitation 228, 243 Paratuberculosis, interstate moveAgricultural Marketing Act of 1946, apment of animals reacting to test propriation for effecting provisions.... 225 for 693 Agricultural Research Administration. Apple production estimates, restriction See under Agriculture, Department of. on use of funds for 226 Agricultural Research Center, appropriation for 226 Appropriation Act 225 Appropriation for_ _ 58, 111, 149, 225, 615, 752 Agricultural Workers: Reduction 755 Foreign— Arkansas-White-Red River area, approEmployment agreements. Department priation for agricultural developof Labor appropriation for 210 ment 235 Mexican, recruitment 119 Butter, process or renovated, approAppropriation for 190, 741 National Labor Relations Board, repriation for carrying out provisions striction on use of appropriation of designated a c t s 229 for organizing 221 Chauffeurs, restriction on use of funds Agriculture, Department of: for 247 Acreage allotments. See Agricultural Columbia Basin area, appropriation for Adjustment Act of 1938. agricultural development 235 Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938. Commodity Credit Corporation. See See separate title. separate title. Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry, Commodity Exchange Authority, a p Bureau of, appropriation for 229, 761 propriation for 239, 247 Reduction 755 Cotton acreage report, restriction on Agricultural commodities. See separate use of funds for 226 title. C o t to n prices, prediction by employees, Agricultural Economics, Bureau of, a p restriction 246 propriation for 226 Cultural surveys, restriction on use of Reduction 755 funds for 226 Agricultural land resources, appropriaDairy I n d u s t r y, Bureau of, appropriation for conservation and use 236, 615 tion for 229 Reduction 755 Reduction 755 Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, Defense Production Act. See separate appropriation for effecting provititle. sions 225 Defense production activities, approAgricultural Research Administration— priation for 752 Administrator, Office of, appropriaDiseases of animals and poultry, approtion for 226 priation for eradication 243 Reduction 755 District of Columbia, contracts for disAppropriation for 226, 243 Reduction 755 tribution of certain commodities to Buildings and improvements, approschool children, etc 157,370 priations available; limitation 226 Emergency hiring of employees 246 Eradication of foot-and-mouth disEntomology and P l a n t Quarantine, Buease, etc., appropriation for 243 reau of— Experts and consultants, employment, Appropriation for 230 funds available 226 Reduction 755 Transfer of funds 227 Emergency outbreaks of insects and Alaska, appropriation for research on plant diseases, appropriation for agricultural problems 227 control of 231 Aliens, employment of 245 States, etc., cooperation requirements for control of certain diseases 230 Animal I n d u s t r y, Bureau of— White pine blister rust, control proAppropriation for 228 gram, funds available 232 Reduction 755