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-^"^^ Agriculture, Department of—Continued. ^"^^ Agriculture, Department of—Continued. General provisions. Appropriation Act- _ 245 Experiment Stations, Office of— Greenfield, Mass., building alteration, Appropriation for 227 limitation 227 Reduction 755 Hog cholera virus and serum, appropriReports to Congress on administration for marketing agreements tion of grants and coordinating of with respect to 229 research with States 228 Human Nutrition and Home EconomExtension Service, appropriation for_ 241, 247 ics, Bureau of, appropriation for... 228 Reduction 755 Reduction 755 F a r m Credit Administration. See sepaInformation, Office of— rate title. Appropriation for 242 F a r m T e n a n t Act, amendments. See Reduction 755 separate title. Temporary employment, limitation F a r m e r s ' H o m e Administration. See on funds for 242 separate title. Information employees, restriction on Farming materials, appropriation for use of funds for payment to 237, purchase 237 248, 759, 767 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. International Wheat Agreement, approSee separate title. priation to discharge indebtedness Federal F a r m Mortgage Corporation. of Commodity Credit Corporation See separate title. under 244 Federal intermediate credit banks, appropriation for 245 Land options, limitation 246 Land-use planning, restriction on use of Nonapplicability of personnel restriction 756 funds for 226 Library, appropriation for 243 Field offices, restriction on use of funds Reduction 755 for 243 Louisiana State University and AgriFish, restriction on use of funds for work cultural and Mechanical College, relating to 225 transfer of lands 46 Flood control. See under Rivers and Marketing quotas. See Agricultural Harbors. Adjustment Act of 1938. F o o t - and - m o u t h disease, etc., appropriation for eradication 243 Marketing services— Appropriation for , 238 Foreign Agricultural Relations, Office of— Temporary employment, limitation of funds for 239 Aliens, employment of 245 Appropriation for 242, 247 Maryland-National Capital P a r k and Forest pests, appropriation for control.. 231 Planning Commission, conveyance Reduction 755 of lands, authority of Secretary 602 Forest Service— Meat inspection, appropriation for 229 Appropriation for 58, 232 MoUusks, terrestrial or fresh-water Reduction 755 variety, prevention of entry into Buildings, cost limitation 232, 233 United States 335 Fire control, acquisition of land, etc., Motion pictures or exhibits, funds near Missoula, Mont., for 609 available for 243 Appropriation authorized 610 Motor vehicles, funds available for purForest development roads and trails, chase and hire, limitation 245 appropriation for 58 National Arboretum, appropriation for_ 229 Oklahoma, acquisition of lands in New England-New York area, approcertain counties, approval of priation for agricultural developBoard of County Commissioners, ment 235 requirement 234 Ogden, Utah, conveyance of lands to Range improvements, cooperative, C h a m b e r of Commerce 32 appropriation for; restriction 235 Oklahoma, purchase of lands in Adair, State and private forestry cooperaCherokee, and Sequoyah Counties tion 234 for flood control, approval requireWhite pine blister rust control, funds ment 235 available 232 F u r Products N a m e Guide, cooperation Orlando, Fla., appropriation for conin issuance of, authority 179 struction of laboratory 229