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Agriculture, Department of—Continued. ^^^^ Agriculture, Department of—Continued. Overthrow of U. S. Government, reR u r a l Electrification Administration— striction on employment of persons Continued. advocating 62, 246, 766 Loans, funds for, provisions for borException, certain emergency work_ 62, 246 rowing from Treasury D e part Park Field Military Reservation, Shelby ment 239 County, Tenn., transfer to Navy Reduction in authorization 755 Department, authorized 642 Temporary employment, limitation Peanuts. See separate title. of funds for 239 Personnel, restriction on filling vacanSchool lunch program, national, approcies 247 priation for effecting provisions Nonapplicability 756 -relating to 238 Personnel work, restriction on emSecretary, Office of, appropriation for__ 241, ployees 247 247, 752 Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Reduction 755 Engineering, Bureau of, approSoil-building, etc., practices, funds priation for 229 available for 236 Reduction 755 Aerial photographs, restriction on Political activities, pernicious, restriccharging of cost 237 tion on payment of persons enClaimants, payment to 237 gaging in 237 Soil Conservation Service— Production and Marketing Administrappropriation for 235, 616 tion, appropriation for 236 Reduction __. 755 Reduction 755 Buildings, cost limitation; site restriction 236 Production credit corporations, approDemonstration projects, restriction priation for 245 on use of funds 236 Nonapplicability of personnel restriction 756 Missouri, approval by central State agency of soil conservation Production programs, funds for effecting provisions relating to 238 agreements ^ 236 Technical assistance to county agriProperty mortgaged or pledged to farm cultural conservation programs _ _ 237 credit agencies, penalty for offenses Temporary employment, limitation respecting 718 of funds for 236 Publicity or propaganda, restriction on Solicitor, Office of, appropriation for 242 use of funds for 247 Reduction 755 P u r d u e University, Ind., appropriation Special activities, appropriation for 243 for construction of poultry breeding house 227 Strategic and critical materials, appropriation for research on 243 Regional offices, restriction on use of funds for maintenance 226 Strikes against U. S. Government, restriction on employment of persons Report, annual. See Yearbook of Agriengaging in 62, 246, 766 culture, this title. Exception, certain emergency work_ 62, 246 Report to Congress, agricultural research, administration of grants Sugar Act of 1948— and coordinating of research with Amendments 318 Funds for effecting provisions of 238 States 228 Tobacco, authority to increase certain Report to President, effect of trade acreage allotments and m a r k e t i n g agreements on certain perishable quotas 422 agricultural commodities 75 Trade Agreements Extension Act of Research and Marketing Act of 1946, appropriation for effecting pro1951, advice to President under — 73 visions 225 Twine, restriction on purchase of foreign Research contracts, availability of product 246 funds 246 Vermont Agricultural College, Addison County, Vt., conveyance of lands Research laboratories, regional, approto 39 priation for L 229 Virgin Islands, authority to establish Rural Electrification Administration— agricultural program, etc 661 Appropriation for 239 Appropriation authorized 662 Reduction 755