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^**® Agriculture, Department of—Continued. ^*^® Air Force, Department of the—Con. Construction of military installations W a t e r conservation and utilization projects, appropriation for 236 and facilities, authorization 350-365 Reduction 755 Appropriation authorized 364, 365 Yazoo and Little Tallahatchie waterAppropriation for 765 sheds, purchase of lands, approval Cost limitations 446 requirements 235 Contingencies, appropriation for 444 Yearbook of Agriculture— Contracts— Appropriation for 242 Cost-plus-a-fixed-fee contracts, limiRestriction on use of Government tation on use of funds 765 Printing Office funds for printRenegotiation of 7 ing and binding 402 War, financing of, funds available. _ 446 Agriculture, Secretary of. See Agriculture, Electronic and communication equipD e part m e n t of. ment, etc., appropriation for procurement 441 Agriculture, Yearbook of: Appropriation for 242 Employees, civilian, limitation on number 450 Restriction on use of Government Printing Office funds for printing General provisions, appropriation and binding 402 acts 444, 766 Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Colleges Gifts from members on d u t y abroad, of, appropriation for endowment 214 time extension of free-entry privilege 3 Air Commerce Act of 1926, Amendment, Gold star lapel b u t to n s, distribution, regulations for preventing collisions etc., authority

195 a t sea, nonapplicability to aircraft, Appropriation authorized 196 etc 407 Air Force, Department of the. See also Grandview Air Terminal, Mo., approArmed Forces; Defense, Department priation for military construction; of. condition 765 Air National Guard. See National Gratuities, restriction on acceptance Guard. from contractors 450 Air power, appropriation for expanHarrison County, Miss., acquisition of sion 425 certain lands from General Services Administration 206 Air Staff, composition, organization, duties, etc 327 Helium, transfer of funds for acquisition to Bureau of Mines 260 Aircraft construction and related procurement, appropriation for 50, 441 Insurance— Insurance Act of 1951 36 Appropriation for 50, 441, 765 National Service Life Insurance Act Areas, division of United States, Terof 1940. See separate title. ritories, and possessions into; asServicemen's i n d e m n i t y Act of 1951 _ 33 signment of personnel 332 Inter-American cooperation, appropriaArmy Organization Act of 1950, repeal tion for 442 of certain provisions 333 Judge Advocate General— Civil Aeronautics Administration, t r a n s Appointment, powers, duties 332, 333 fer of aircraft, equipment, and Repeal of certain prior provisions of facilities to, authority 587, 588 law relating to; restriction 333 Civil Aeronautics Board, transfer of Latin-American cooperation, appropriasurplus aircraft, parts, etc., to, tion for 442 authority 589 L a u n d r y and dry cleaning facilities, Claims— limitation 765 Appropriation for payment 424 Maintenance and operations, appropriaAuthority of the Secretary to contion for 50, 442 sider, settle, etc., certain maritime claims; restrictions; delegaMajor air commands 332 tion of authority 572, 673 Major procurement other than aircraft, appropriation for 50, 441 Coast and Geodetic Survey, transfer of equipment for surveys in Alaska. _ 590 McGuire Air Force Base, Wrightstown, N. J., appropriation for military Composition and organization of Air facilities, etc 765 Force 329