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Air Force, Department of the—Con. ^^^^ Alaska—Continued. Pa«<' Agricultural extension work, approprilinder Secretary and Assistant Secreation for 241 taries, appointment, duties, powers, etc 326 Agricultural problems, appropriation Universal Military Training and Service for research on 227 Act. See separate title. Airports, public— Vessels— Appropriation for maintenance 589 Damages caused by, authority to Federal-aid airport program, approsettle claims, etc 572 priation for 588, 589 Transfer authorized 430 Lease of space or property within, Air Force, Secretary of the. See Air authorized 370 Force, Department of the. Alaska Communication System, DeAir Force Organization Act of 1951 326 part m e n t of the Army appropriAir Force Reserve. See Reserve comation for 431 ponents under Air Force, Department Appropriation for administration 262 of the. Reduction 755 Air Mail Service. See Post Office D e part Canadian vessels, transportation bem e n t and Postal Service. tween designated points, authorAir Museum, National, appropriation ity 90 for 279,745 District attorneys, U. S., appropriation Air National Guard. See under National for salaries and expenses 583 Guard. Housing. See separate title. Air Reserve Officers' Training Corps. See International Boundary Commission, Reserve components under Air Force, United States, Alaska, and Canada, Department of the. appropriation for 580 Airport Act, Federal: Marshals, U. S., appropriation for servClaims under, appropriation for 55, 739 ices in collecting evidence 583 Funds for carrying out provisions 588 Military and naval installations and Reduction in contract authorization s. 755 facilities, construction a u t h o r i z e d - . 342, Rehabilitation and repair under, time 349, 361, 362 limitation on request for reimbursePribilof Islands, appropriation for adm e n t and certification of cost 56 ministration of 262 Airports: Prison System, Federal, appropriation Airport Act, Federal. See separate for construction of Federal jail at title. Anchorage 738 Alaska— Prisoners, Federal, appropriation for Appropriation for 588, 589 support of 585 Lease of space or property within Public Health Service, disease and sanipublic airports, authorized 370 tation investigations and control, Construction of military and n a v a l appropriation for 216 facilities. See Construction and Reduction 755 maintenance under Defense, DePublic Works Act, appropriation for part m e n t of. effecting provisions 263 Moisant International Airport, conveyReduction 755 ance of land to city of New Orleans, Railroads— La 637 Alaska Railroad. See separate title. Appropriation for additional income Washington National Airport, a p p r o tax on 184 priation for 588 Reclamation investigations, etc., approAlabama, consent of Congress to extension priation for 255 and renewal of interstate compact Roads, appropriation for construction, concerning oil and gas conservation.. 199 operation, and maintenance 263 Alameda, Calif.: Availability 263 Maritime training station, appropriation Construction work by force account for operation 285 or hired-labor basis -— 263 Naval Air Station, construction of facilReduction 755 ities, authorized 343 Salmon River, appropriation for flood Alaska: control 619 Agricultural experiment stations, approSurveys for national defense, transfer of priation for 227 equipment for 590