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^*^® Army, Department of the—Continued. ^*^® Army, Department of the—Continued. Renegotiation Board, recommendation Occupied areas, government and relief of member 19 in— Reports to Congress— Appropriation for 446, 747 Claims, settlement of certain mariReduction 755 t i m e claims 573 General provisions of appropriation Leases of real or personal property, act for military functions, applirepeal of provisions requiring cability 748 report 366 Property transfers to Department of Real-estate actions 366 State, nonapplicability of certain Scrap or salvage materials, sales, rerestrictions 750 port of receipts and disburseSubsistence supplies to personnel of ments 448 civilian agencies, payment 750 Reserve components— Officer candidate programs, deferment Appropriation for 436 of enrollees. See Universal Milit a r y Training and Service Act. Field exercises, appropriation for parOrdnance, Office of Chief of, appropriaticipation in 426 tion for 436 InsuranceInsurance Act of 1951 36 Ordnance service and supplies, a p p r o Servicemen's I n d e m n i t y Act of priation for 49, 432 1951 33 Organized Reserves. See Reserve components, this title. Supplies and equipment furnished Overthrow of U. S. Government, refrom Army stocks, time limitastriction on employment of persons tion 436 Universal Military Training and Servadvocating 449, 621, 766 ice Act, service under. See sepP a n a m a Canal. See Canal Zone. arate title. P a y of the Army, appropriation for 48, 426 Retired officers, restriction on payments Prisoners of war, funds for maintenance, to, for sales of supplies or war m a pay, etc 446 terials 757 Property disposal, amendment of certain Retired pay, appropriation for 424 provisions relating to 709 Rivers and harbors. See separate title. Provost Marshal General, Office of, Salaries and expenses, d e part m e n t a l, appropriation for 436 Public works. See Construction and appropriation for 49, 436 maintenance, this title. Schooling for dependents of personnel Quartermaster Corps, appropriation for_ 48, on military installations or in foreign countries, funds a v a i l a b l e.. 446 427, 616 Scrap or salvage materials, use of proQuartermaster Experimental Fuel Staceeds from sale 448 tion, Pike County, Mo., transfer to Interior Department, authorized.._ 322 Secretary, Office of, appropriation Quartermaster General, Office of, approfor 425,436 priation for 436 Signal Corps, appropriation for 48, 430 Signal Officer, Chief, appropriation for Real-estate actions, agreement with Office of 436 Congressional committees respectSoldiers' Home, U. S., appropriation for. 620 ing designated actions; applicabilSpouses and minor children, alien, of ity; reports to Committee s - 342, 365, 366 citizen members of Armed Forces Recital of compliance, inclusion in and veterans, admission to United conveyances and leases 366 States, time extension 5 Records— Strength of the Army, authorized 76, 88 Payment of claims arising from corStrikes against U. S. Government, rection of certain military recrestriction on employment of perords 655 sons engaging in 449, 621, 766 Transcripts of military history for Subsidies, restriction on use of funds for. 428 Governors, disposition of records Subsistence of the Army, appropriation required for 640 for 48, 428 Recruitment advertising, restriction on Supplies of the Army, regular, apuse of funds for 429 propriation for 48, 428 Reenlistment bonus 653 Surgeon General, Office of, appropriation for 436 Renegotiation Act of 1951 7