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^*^^ Audited Claims, appropriation for pay- ^*^^ Banks and Banking—Continued. Cooperatives, banks for, penalty for ment 62, 754 offenses respecting property m o r t Audubon Centennial Year, 1951, proclagaged or pledged to 718 mation 198, c38 Defense contracts, financing of 41 Augusta Arsenal, Ga., construction of Excess profits taxes. See under Taxes. facilities, authorized 339 E x p o r t - I m p o r t Bank of Washington. Austria: See separate title. Communist occupied areas, appropriF a r m Credit Act of 1933, salary limitaation for selected residents or tion for certain employees under... 614 escapees supporting North Atlantic Federal intermediate credit b a n k s — T r e a t y Organization, a u t h o r i z e d... 374 Appropriation for 730 . Appropriation for 246 Government in occupied areas, a p p r o Nonapplicability of personnel repriation for 749 striction 756 Property transfers from Department Offenses respecting property mortof the Army to Department of gaged or pledged to, etc., penState, nonapplicability of certain alty 718 restrictions 750 Federal Reserve— Subsistence supplies to personnel of Reimbursement for expenses incident civilian agencies, payment 750 to deposit of withheld taxes 182 Automobiles, credit controls under DeSmall Defense Plants Administration, fense Production Act 137 depositaries, custodians, etc., for, Aviation Insurance, War Risk, authority authority 140 for provision by Secretary of ComBarbers: merce 65 District of Columbia— Board of Examiners, qualifications, compensation; restriction 128 B Price list, posting of; penalty for violation; authority of CommissionBail, availability of appropriations for ers 128, 129 ref u n a s 658 Price ceiling exemptions under Defense Balboa, C. Z., Naval Ammunition Depot, Production Act 135 improvement of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d. 350 Barber's Point, T. H., Naval Air Station, Bang's Disease, interstate movement of construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d. 349 animals reacting to test for brucellosis 693 Barksdale Air Force Base, Shreveport, La., construction of facilities, a u t h o r Bankhead-Jones Act: ized 351 Agricultural experiment stations, approBarnstable, Mass., Hyannis Municipal priation for 227 Airport, appropriation for claims 739 Agricultural extension work, cooperBarro Colorado Island, C. Z., Laboratory, ative, appropriation for 241 appropriation for 279 Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act. See Barstow, Calif., Marine Corps Depot of F a r m T e n a n t Act. Supplies, Barstow Annex, construcBankruptcy Act, Amendments: tion of civilian bachelor quarters, Creditors meetings 42, 114 authorized 345 Notices— Baton Rouge Engineer Depot, La., acquiCreditors, notices of first meeting of, sition of land, construction, authorfurnishing of copies to designated ized 341 individuals or agencies, etc 114 Battle Monuments Commission, AmeriOrder of adjudication, furnishing of can. See American Battle Monucertified copies to designated ments Commission. individuals 114 Beaufort, S. C, Marine Corps Auxiliary Publication of notices to creditors Landing Strip, construction of faciliunder direction of court 114 ties, authorized 343 Referees, tenure 42 Beauticians, price ceiling exemptions under Safety loans in railroad reorganization Defense Producticta Act 135 cases, financing of 606 Bedford Research Center, Mass., construction of facilities, authorized 360 Banks and Banking: Belle Meade General Depot, N. J., conAssignment of Claims Act of 1940, struction of facilities, authorized 340 amendment 41