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Beltrami Wildlife Management Area, Minn., exchange of lands, authorized. Benicia Arsenal, Calif., construction of facilities, authorized Bergstrom Air Force Base, Austin, Tex., construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d. Bermuda, Kindley Air Force Base, St. George, construction of facilities, authorized Bethany Beach, Del., military installations and facilities, construction authorized Bethesda, Md., Naval Medical Center, construction of facilities, authorizedBig Delta, Alaska, military installations and facilities, construction a u t h o r ized Big Spring Municipal Airport, Tex., construction of facilities, authorized Biggs Air Force Base, El Paso, Tex., construction of facilities, authorized Biographical Congressional Directory, appropriation for Bixby, Fred H., Co., Long Beach, Calif., authority of Navy Department to grant easement to Black Hills Ordnance Depot, S. Dak., construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d. Blind: Books for a d u l t blind, appropriation for. Vending stands, appropriation for acquisition Blind, American Printing House for the, appropriation for Blue Grass Ordnance Depot, Ky., construction of facilities, authorized Bonds: Official and penal, custody Savings, Series E, payment of interest on bonds retained after m a t u r i t y, authorized Bonneville Power Administration. See under Interior, Department of the. Booker T. Washington, coinage of 50-cent pieces to commemorate life of, etc., authorized Border Facilities, increase in cost limitation Boston, Mass.: Boston Staging Area, Mass., acquisition of land, construction of facilities, authorized Naval Shipyard, construction of facilities, authorized Botanic Garden: i;*!; * ^ -js* Appropriation for _ Ji:

Restriction on distribution of nursery stock by Congressional allotment-_


-^"^^ Boulder Canyon Project, Ail-American ^^^^ 602 Canal System, Coachella Division, limitation on funds for 258 339 Boulder Canyon Project Act, certain watersupply facilities for San Diego, Calif., area subject to 405, 406 351 Boundary and Water Commission, International, United States and Mexico, appropriation for 578 362 Reduction 755 Boundary Commission, International, United States, Alaska and Canada, a p 337 propriation for 580 348 Boxer Rebellion Veterans, service pension laws, liberalization 174 Brazil, transfer of certain naval vessels to, authorized; restriction 323 342 Bremerton, Wash., Naval Shipyard, construction of facilities, authorized 347 357 Bretton Woods Agreement Act, Amendment, membership of Director for 351 M u t u a l Security on National Advisory Council on International Mon6 etary and Financial Problems 378 Bridges: Burlington, Iowa, authority to own, 643 maintain, etc., bridge across Mississippi River 193 339 Delaware River— Pennsylvania and New Jersey T u r n pikes, connecting bridge, con399 sent of Congress to compact 650 Toll bridge near Wilmington, exten215 sion of time limitation for completion of construction 91 212 Sabine Lake Bridge and Causeway Authority, establishment 695 339 British West Indies, liquid sugar quotas under Sugar Act of 1948 319 715 Bronson Field, Fla., Naval Auxiliary Air Station, acquisition of land, a u t h o r ized 343 26 Brooke Army Medical Center, Tex., construction of facilities, authorized 342 Brookley Air Force Base, Mobile, Ala., construction of facilities, authorized _ _ 359 Brooklyn, N. Y., Naval Shipyard, con334 struction of facilities, authorized 347 Brownsville, Tex., Rio Grande Valley 336 International Airport, appropriation for claims 55 Brucellosis, interstate movement of animals reacting to test for 693 341 Brumidi, Constantino, commemoration ceremony B53 347 Brunswick, Maine, Naval Air Station, development of master jet field, authorized 343 398 Bryan Air Force Base, Tex., construction of facilities, authorized 357 398