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SUBJECT Capitol Buildings and Grounds—Con. ^"^^ R o t u n d a frieze, completion of, funds available 396 Senate restaurants, improvements, etc., funds available 397 Capitol Police: Appropriation for 395 Capitol Police Board, appropriation for 395 Details to Capitol buildings and grounds 395, 403 Standards required 403 Capitol Power Plant: Appropriation for 397 Improvements and changes, funds available 397 Capper-Ketcham Act, appropriation to effect provisions 241 Career Compensation Act of 1949, Amendment, reenlistment bonus, payments - . 653 Carolina-Virginia Coastal Highway Corp., rights-of-way and easements across Currituck Beach Lighthouse Reservation 643, 644 Carriers. See I n t e r s t a t e Commerce Commission; M o to r Carrier Claims Commission. Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Tex., construction of facilities, authorized 351 Carver, George Washington, coinage of 50-cent pieces to commemorate life of, etc., authorized 334 Casad Engineer Depot, Ind., construction of facilities, authorized 341 Casco Bay Fuel Facility, Portland, Maine, construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d. _ 348 Castle Air Force Base, Merced, Calif., construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d. _ 351 Castle Island Terminal Facility, South Boston, Mass., conveyance, authority of Secretary of Navy 658 Caustic Poison Act, Federal, appropriation for carrying out provisions 213 Cecil Field, Fla., Naval Auxiliary Air Station, development of master jet field, authorized 344 Cemeteries. See American Battle Monuments Commission; National Cemeteries. Census, Bureau of the. See under Commerce, Department of. Central Bank for Cooperatives, salary limitation for employees 614 Central Intelligence Agency, employment of retired officers of the Armed Services; restriction 89 Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949, amendment , 89 Cereal Rust Control, ajjpropriation for_. 230



Certifying Officers of Terminated War ^^^^ Agencies, credit in accounts of, authorized; certification by Secretary of Labor 32 Chanute Air Force Base, Rantoul, 111., construction of facilities, authorized- _ 357 Chapman, Virgil M., appropriation for payment to widow of - 6 Charleston, S. C: Charleston Airfield, construction of facilities, authorized 351 Naval Ammunition Depot, construction of facilities, authorized 346 Chase Field, Tex., Naval Auxiliary Air Station, construction of facilities, authorized 344 Chauffeurs, restriction on use of funds for 1 8 9, 2 4 7, 2 6 6, 2 9 0, 6 0 0, 746 Cheese, import control authority under Defense Production Act 132 Cheltenham, Md., Naval Communication Station, construction of facilities authorized 346 Cherry Point, N. C, Marine Corps Air Station, construction of facilities, authorized 344 Chicago, 111.: Chicago Appraisers' Stores Building, sale to city 191 Chicago International Trade Fair, Inc., articles imported for exhibition, exemption from customs duties 654 Post office facilities, appropriation for expansion 275 Chickasaw Nation of Indians, Okla., appropriation for per capita payments - 253 Child Health Day, 1951, proclamation c7 Children's Bureau. See under Social Security Administration. China: Appropriation for assistance, authorized 375,376 Appropriation for 113, 731 Communist areas— Arms embargo, concurrent resolution respecting B32 Furs and skins, restriction on importation of 75 Restriction on aid to countries exporting arms, etc., to 63 Repeal 647 Monuments, etc., to American soldiers, appropriation for maintenance 617 Purchase of local currency, authorized-. 383 Technical assistance, limitation on use of funds 386 China Area Aid Act of 1950: Amendment, Korean students in United States, extension of educational benefits 376