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Housing and Home Finance Agency. ^'^^'^ Imports—Continued. ^^^^ See under Housing. Drawbacks, substitution of imported Housing and Rent Act of 1947, amend duty-paid merchandise 175 ments 7, 110, 144 F a t s and oils, controls— Housing Expediter. See under Housing. Defense Production Act, authority Hovenweep National Monument, Colo, under 132 and Utah, enlargement, proclamaSecond War Powers Act, time extention c8 sion for authority under 111 Howard University. See under Federal Fissionable material, prohibitions 692 Security Agency. Flaxseed and linseed, substitution of Human Nutrition and Home Economics, imported duty-paid merchandise Bureau of, Department of Agriculture, for drawback purposes 175 appropriation for 228 F u r products, labeling requirement 178 Reduction 755 Furs and skins, certain, restriction on Hungary, appropriation for selected resimportation from Communist dents or escapees supporting North China and Union of Soviet Socialist Atlantic T r e a t y Organization, auRepublics 75, c25 thorized 373 Japanese Trade Fair, Seattle, Wash., Appropriation for 730 articles for exhibition, admission Hunter Air Force Base, Savannah, Ga., without payment of tariff 64 construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d.. 353 Merchandise in general-order and bonded warehouses, proclamation respecting extension of time, etc c41 Metal scrap, suspension of duties and "I Am An American Day", 1951, proclaimport taxes on, time extension of. _ 108 mation c4 Mollusks, certain, authority of SecreIceland, transfer of funds to International t a r y of Agriculture to prevent Civil Aviation Organization for meteentry of 335 orological installations 594 Narcotic drugs, penalties for unlawfiil Illinois, consent of Congress to extension imports . 767 and renewal of interstate compact P e a n u t s, controls, authority under Deconcerning oil and gas conservation. _ 199 fense Production Act 132 Immigration Act of 1917, Mexican agriculRice and rice products, controls— tural workers recruited under, exDefense Production Act, authority emption from head tax 120 under .132 Second War Powers Act, time extenImmigration and Naturalization Service. sion for authority under 111 See under Justice, Department of. Sugar Act of 1948, amendments, quota Import Milk Act, appropriation for carryprovisions under 318 ing out provisions 213 Tax on articles imported from foreign Imports: trade zones 539 Armed Forces on d u t y abroad, gifts To r q u a y Protocol to General Agreefrom members of, time extension of m e n t on Tariffs and Trade, proclafree-entry privilege 3 mations carrying out provisions Chicago International Trade Fair, Inc., of c l 2, c44 articles imported for exhibition, Trade agreements. See separate title. exemption from d u t y 654 Trade Agreements Extension Act of Copper, suspension of certain import 1951 72, c25 taxes on 44 Twine used for baling hay, etc., d u t y Cotton, long-staple, supplemental quota free importation 655 on imports of, proclamation c23 Works of a r t loaned by nonresident Customs, Bureau of. See under Treasalien for exhibition, tax e x e m p t i o n.. 567 ury Department. Income Taxes. See under Taxes. Dairy products, controls— Independence National Historical Park, Defense Production Act, authority Pa.: under 132 Appropriation for liquidation of obligations 260 Second War Powers Act, time extenOperation, etc., of U. S. properties sion for authority with respect prior to establishment of park 644 to butter 111