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Independent OflSces. See also Government Departments and Agencies; and individual titles. Annual leave. See under Government Employees. Appropriation Act 268 Annual leave, repeal of designated provisions 682 Reengrossment of amendments, concurrent resolution respecting B70 Appropriation for 48, 58, 61, H I, 149, 268, 761 Reduction 755 Chauffeurs, restriction on use of funds for 290, 746 Fees and charges, determination of payments and receipts 290 General provisions, Appropriation Act.. 291 Information and editorial functions, restriction on use of funds for personnel engaged in 291, 759, 767 Civil Service Commission, nonapplicability to certain personnel 747 Federal Register, nonapplicability to 747 Meetings, funds available for attendance 283 Newspapers and periodicals, funds for purchase, limitation 283 Overthrow of U. S. Government, restriction on employment of persons advocating 291 Passenger vehicles, restriction on use of funds for 284 Personnel, restriction on filling vacancies 292, 746 American Battle Monuments Commission, employment of personnel in foreign countries, nonapplicability 743 Atomic Energy Commission, nonapplicability 743 Personnel work, limitation on number of employees for 284, 290 Publicity or propaganda, restriction on use of funds for 291 Real estate, restriction on purchase or sale 283 Reports, annual or special, discontinuance of printing of 403 Strikes against U. S. Government, restriction on employment of persons engaging in 291 Travel expenses, limitation 283 Tariff Commission, increase 745 Veterans, restoration to former positions 283


India Emergency Food Aid Act of 1951.. Appropriation for Transportation of supplies under, activation and operation of vessels for, proclamation authorizing Indian Affairs, Bureau of. See under Interior, Department of the. Indian Claims Commission, appropriation for Reduction Indian Head, Md., Naval Powder Factory, construction of facilities, authorized. _ Indiana, consent of Congress to extension and renewal of interstate compact concerning oil and gas conservation.. Indians. See also Indian Affairs, Bureau of, under Interior, Department of the.

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Arapaho and Shoshone Tribes, segregation and expenditure of trust funds 208 Auburn Rancheria, purchase of lands in Placer County, Calif 742 Chickasaw Nation, Okla., appropriation for per capita payments 253 Choctaw Nation, Okla.— Per capita payments, appropriation for 253 Treaties, appropriation for 254 Commutation of treaty obligations, appropriation for 761 Health, education, and welfare services, appropriation for 252 Land or water rights, appropriation for acquisition, restriction 253, 254 Liquor laws— Disposition of conveyances seized for violation 609 Enforcement authority 722 Loans, appropriation for 253 Menominee Reservation, appropriation for recreational director 254 Menominee Tribe, per capita payments from 5 per centum fund in Treasury, authorized 193 Navajo Reservation, development of additional water supplies, appropriation for 761 Osage Museum, appropriation for curator 254 Pawnee, appropriation for treaties 254 Records of certain tribes, title to; possession; certified copies 640 Seneca, appropriation for treaties 254 Sioux, appropriation for payments to.. 254 Six Nations, N. Y., appropriation for treaties 254