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^"^^ Kingsville, Tex., Naval Auxiliary Air ^"S" Labor, Department of—Continued. Coast Guard, disability or death beneStation, construction of facilities, fits for temporary members 715 authorized 344 Defense Housing and Community F a Kinross Airfield, Sault Sainte Marie, cilities and Services Act of 1951, Mich., construction of facilities, aufunctions under; monthly reports thorized 353 Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, from contractors 308 N. Mex., construction of facilities, Defense production activities, approauthorized 361 priation for 752 Klamath Falls, Oreg.: Employees' Compensation, Bureau of— Conveyance 152 Appropriation for 57, 211 Municipal Airport, appropriation for Reduction 755 claims 1 739 Board of Appeals, Employees' Compensation, appropriation for 211 Klamath Irrigation District, cancellation of construction charges, authority of Civilian war benefits, appropriation Secretary of the Interior 153 for 211 Kleberg County, Tex., conveyance of easeDistrict of Columbia, transfer of ment to, authorized 321 funds from 156 Kodiak, Alaska, naval installations and War Claims F u n d, funds from 211 facilities, construction authorized 349 Employment Security, Bureau of— Appropriation for 190, 210, 741 Korea: American Relief for Korea, Inc., clothReduction 755 ing collection appeal 292, c37 F a r m labor supply revolving fund, Appropriation for assistance, a u t h o r establishment of, appropriation ized 375 for 741 Appropriation for 731 Grants to States, appropriation for__ 210, Civilian relief, appropriation for 425 211,741 Communist areas, restriction on aid to General provisions, Appropriation Act- _ 212 countries exporting arms, etc., to - 63 Information and editorial functions, Repeal 647 restriction on use of funds for Students in United States, educational personnel engaged in 759 benefits 376 Labor Standards, Bureau of, appropriaUnited Nations Korean Reconstruction tion for 209 Agency, appropriation for U. S. Reduction 224, 755 contribution, authorized 376 Labor Statistics, Bureau of— Appropriation for 731 Appropriation for 211 Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, Naval Air Reduction 224, 755 Station, construction of facilities, Consumers' Price Index, revision of, authorized 349 appropriation for_ 212 Meetings, appropriations available for expenses 212 Overthrow of U. S. Government, restricLabor, Agricultural. See Agricultural tion on employment of persons Workers. Labor, Department of: advocating 223 Agricultural Act of 1949, amendment, Passenger cars, restriction on n u m b e r. 224 recruitment of agricultural workers Personnel, restriction on filling vacanfrom Mexico under, authority 119 cies 223 Appropriation for 190, 741 Personnel work, restriction on emApprenticeship, Bureau of, appropriaployees 225 tion for 210 Publicity or propaganda, restriction on Reduction 755 use of funds for 223 Appropriation Act 209 Secretary, Office of, appropriation for_ _ 209, Appropriation for 57, 752 111, 149, 1 9 0, 2 0 9, 7 4 1, 7 5 2 Reduction 224, 755 Reduction 224, 755 Solicitor, Oflfice of, appropriation for-_ 209 Certifying officers, certain, in termiReduction 755 nated war agencies, credit in acStenographic reporting services, a p counts of, authorized; certification propriations available 212 by Secretary 32