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SUBJECT INDEX Madigan Army Hospital, Wash., construe^^^^ tion of facilities, authorized 342 Mails. See Post Office Department and Postal Service. Maine, State marine school, reimbursement for expenses 285 Malcolm-McKinnon Airport, Glynn County, Ga., appropriation for claims 739 Mallory U. S. Air Force Specialized Depot, Memphis, Tenn., construction of facilities, authorized 360 Manteo Airport, Dare County, N. C, appropriation for claims 739 March Air Force Base, Riverside, Calif., construction of facilities, authorized _ _ 354 Mare Island, Calif., Naval Shipyard, construction of facilities, authorized 347 Marianas Islands, naval installations and facilities, construction authorized _. 349, 350 Marietta Transportation Corps Depot, Pa., acquisition of land, construction of facilities, authorized 342 Marine Band. See under Marine Corps. Marine Corps. See also Navy, Department of the. Aircraft and facilities, appropriation for. 437 Claims, appropriation'for 424 Discharge for b a d conduct, etc., furnishing of civilian clothing 728 Gifts from members on d u t y abroad, t i m e extension of free-entry privilege 3 Insurance— Insurance Act of 1951 36 National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940. See separate title. Servicemen's I n d e m n i t y Act of 1951. 33 Marine Band, attendance a t celebration in South Boston, Mass., authorized, 4 Military personnel, appropriation for__ 437 Officer candidate training program and platoon leaders' class, deferment of enrollees from induction. See Universal Military Training and Service Act. Officer Personnel Act of 1947, amendments 108, 109 Officers— Temporary appointments to grades above first lieutenant, recommendation of a board of officers, requirement for Unsatisfactory performance of d u t y, procedure following determination by board of officers, restriction; options of certain officers. _ P a y and allowances, appropriation for__ 49, Reenlistment bonus


109 437 653


Marine Corps—Continued. ^^^^ Reserve components— Insurance. See Insurance, this title. P a y and allowances, appropriation for 437 Retired officers, restriction on payments to, for sales of supplies or war m a t e rials 757 Retired pay, appropriation for 424 Spouses and minor children, alien, of citizen members of Armed Forces and veterans, admission to United States, extension of time limitation. 5 Strength, authorized 76, 88 Troops and facilities, appropriation for. 49, 437 Universal Military Training and Service Act. See separate title. Marion Engineer Depot, Ohio, construction of facilities, authorized 341 Maritime Activities. See under Commerce, Department of. Maritime Administration. See Maritiihe activities under Commerce, Department of. Maritime Board, Federal. <See Maritime activities under Commerce, Department of. Maritime Commission, U. S. See Maritime activities under Commerce, Department of. Maritime Service Institute, appropriation for training personnel for merchant marine Marketing Act of 1946, Agricultural, appropriation for effecting provisions _ _ Marketing Administration. See Production and Marketing Administration under Agriculture, Department of. Marshall Islands, naval installations and facilities, construction authorized Marshals, U. S.: Appropriation for salaries and expenses 583, Reduction Compensation increase District of Columbia, reimbursement for expenses Maryland: Maryland-National Capital P a r k and Planning Commission, conveyance of lands, authority of Secretary of Agriculture Payment to State for damage to certain oyster bars Massachusetts: Castle Island Terminal Facility, South Boston, conveyance, authority of Secretary of Navy Laurence G. Hanscom Field, appropriation for claims

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738 755 613 586

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