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Navy, Department of the — C o n t i n u e d. ^^^^ Navy, Department of the—Continued. ^^^^ Aircraft construction and related p r o Foreign vessels, funds for expenses of curement, appropriation for_ _ 49, 425, 438 transfer to United States 447 Availability of funds for expansion of Fort Pierce P o r t District, Fla., paypublic and private p l a n t s; limim e n t of claim to 733 tation 49 Gainesville, Fla., acceptance of land Appropriation for 49, 436, 764 donation 641 Availability for payment of claims 754 General provisions, Department of Bixby, Fred H., Co., Long Beach, Calif., Defense Appropriation Act, 1952. _ 444 authority to grant easement to 643 Gifts from members on d u t y abroad, Castle Island Terminal Facility, South time extension of free-entry priviBoston, Mass., conveyance, aulege 3 t h o r i t y of Secretary 658 Gold star lapel b u t to n s, distribution, Civil Aeronautics Administration, t r a n s etc., authority 195 fer of aircraft, equipment, and Appropriation authorized 196 facilities to, authority 587, 588 Gratuities, restriction on acceptance Civil Aeronautics Board, transfer of from contractors 450 surplus aircraft, part s, etc., to, Hawaii, authority to g r a n t easement to

643 authority 589 Civil engineering, appropriation for 49, 439 Helium, transfer of funds for acquisition to Bureau of Mines 260 Claims, funds available for 424, 754 Hydrographic Office, appropriation for__ 441 Coast and Geodetic Survey, surveys in Insurance— Alaska, transfer of equipment for_ _ 590 Communications, service-wide, approInsurance Act of 1951 36 priation for 441 National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940. See separate title. Construction of naval installations and Servicemen's I n d e m n i t y Act of 1951 _ _ 33 facilities— Kansas City Power and Light Co., conAppropriation authorized 364, 365 veyance of easement at Naval Appropriation for_ 764 Industrial Reserve Aircraft P l a n t. _ 321 Authorization 343-350, 363-365 Kleberg County, Tex., conveyance of Cost limitations 446 easement 321 Contracts— Land and property transactions, certain, Cost-plus-a-fixed-fee contracts, limiauthorization 641 t a t i o n on use of funds 765 Latin-American cooperation, appropriaRenegoti ation of 7 tion for 441 Dania, Fla., authority to grant easeL a u n d r y and dry cleaning facilities, m e n t to 643 limitation 765 Decatur, 111., acquisition of plant Leases of real or personal property, from General Services Administrarepeal of provisions requiring report tion 372 to Congress 366 Discharge for b a d conduct, etc., furMarine Corps. See separate title. nishing of civilian clothing 728 Medical care, appropriation for 49, 439 Emergency expenses, appropriation for. 441 Medicine and Surgery, Bureau of, Employees, civilian, limitation on n u m increase in benefits for Chief of ber 450 D e n t a l Division 450 Facilities— Military personnel, appropriation for.. 49, 436 Acquisition and construction prior to Military Public Works Appropriation approval of title by Attorney GenAct, 1952 764 eral 50 National Bureau of Standards, transfer Transfer of funds for construction, of surplus equipment to, for Arctic e t c.; limitation 440 ionosphere observation stations — 593 Fleet Post Office, fourth-class mail, size Naval Academy. See separate title. and weight limitations 610 Naval Aviation College students, a p Fleet Reserve, appropriation for retainer propriation for 437 pay for personnel 424 Naval District Headquarters, approFlorida, authority to grant easement to. 642 priation for 441 Florida Keys Aqueduct Commission, Naval Home, appropriation for 437 construction, etc., of water-supply Naval Observatory, appropriation for__ 441 system, refund to 764