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Navy, Department of the—Continued. ^"^^ San Francisco, Calif.—Continued. Naval shipyard, appropriation for repairs and improvements 764 Schools for dependents of Department of Defense personnel, funds for 447 Scrap or salvage materials, use of proceeds from sale 448 Service-wide operations, appropriation for 49,441 Service-wide supply and finance, appropriation for 49, 440 Ship construction— Appropriation for 49, 438 Transfer of funds 438 Shipbuilding and conversion, appropriation for 438 Ships and facilities, appropriation for- 49, 438 Spokane, Wash., authority to grant easement to 642 Spouses and minor children, alien, of citizen members of Armed Forces and veterans, admission to United States, extension of time limitation _ 5 Stock fund, appropriation for working capital 49, 441 Strength, authorized 76, 88 Strikes against U. S. Government, restriction on employment of persons engaging in 449, 766 Submarines. See under Vessels, this title. Surplus property, transfer to Department of Interior for use in administration of T r u s t Territory of Pacific Islands and American Samoa 265 Texas, authority to grant easements to _ 642 Transfer of land, etc., to other Government d e part m e n t s or agencies, repeal of certain provisions 366 Ulua, use for explosive tests, authorized420 Universal Military Training and Service Act. See separate title. Vessels— Balance of tonnage authorizations, rescinded 4 Construction and conversion of certain naval vessels authorized 4 Appropriation authorized 4 Appropriation for 49 Disposal— Amendments of designated provisions relating to 709 Restrictions for certain vessels on Navy Register 4 Increase and replacement of, appropriation for— Armor, a r m a m e n t, and ammunition 439 Construction and machinery 439

INDEX Navy, Department of the—Continued. Vessels—Continued. Regulations for preventing collisions a t sea, exemption from, in certain cases Submarines— Experimental, increase in construction cost limitation Ulua, use for explosive tests, authorized Transfers authorized— Foreign countries, certain Government agencies Veterans Administration, allotments and transfers of funds from, authorization Virginia, conveyance to Near East Area, Assistance to: Appropriation authorized Appropriation for Purchase of local currency, authorizedTechnical assistance, limitation on use of funds Nebraska, Glendo unit, appropriation restriction; plan report requirement Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nev., construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d.. Nevada National Forest, appropriation for acquisition of land New Castle County Airport, Del.: Appropriation for claims Construction of facilities, authorized N e w Cumberland General Depot, Pa., construction of facilities, authorized- _ N e w England-New York Area, a p p r o priation for agricultural developmentN e w Jersey: Delaware River bridge, consent of Congress to compact with Pennsylvania Intracoastal Waterway, use of appropriation for maintenance of portion, time extension New Jersey Turnpike Authority, authority for bridge across Delaware River New Mexico, consent of Congress to extension and renewal of interstate compact concerning oil and gas conservation New Orleans, conveyance of land for Moisant International Airport New Orleans Airport, Orleans Levee District and the Orleans Airport Commission, La., appropriation for claims. New York: Marine school, State, reimbursement for expenses New York— Assay office, appropriation for



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