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Public Lands—Continued. ^^^^ Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, transfer of lands 46 Maryland-National Capital P a r k and Planning Commission, conveyance of lands 602 Minnesota, exchange of wildlife refuge lands, authorized 602 M o n t a n a, Poplar, Roosevelt County, lease of land to, authorized 95 Navy Department authority for land and property transactions 641 New Orleans, conveyance of land fot Moisant International Airport 637 New York City, authority of Navy Department to grant easement to _ 642 Newport, Ky., conveyance, authority of Secretary of Army 693 Ogden, Utah, conveyance of land to Chamber of Commerce 32 P a r k Field Military Reservation, Shelby County, Tenn., transfer from Department of Agriculture to Navy Department 642 Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, N. C, conveyance of easement, authority of Secretary of Interior_662 Range improvements, appropriation for. 251 St. Louis, Mo., transfer of property to Army Department from General Services Administration, authorized634 Sales, payments to States from proceeds ^ 252 San Diego, Calif., authority of Navy Department to grant easements. 321, 642 San Francisco, Calif., authority of Navy Department to grant easement 321 Spokane, Wash., authority of Navy Department to grant easement to __ 642 Surveys, funds available for 251 Texas, authority of Navy Department to grant easements to 642 Tuskegee Institute, Ala., conveyance to, by Administrator of Veterans' Affairs 45 Vermont Agricultural College, Addison County, Vt., conveyance to 39 Virginia, conveyance to 641 Public Printer. See Government Printing Office. Public Roads, Bureau of. See under Commerce, Department of. Public Works: Alaska, appropriation for 263 Military and naval installations, construction a t, authorization 336 Appropriation authorized 364, 365 Military Public Works Appropriation Act, 1952 764

INDEX Public Works—Continued. ^aee Non-Federal, provisions for advance planning, appropriation for; contract authority rescission 276 Reduction in contract authorization. _ 755 Publicity or Propaganda, restriction on use of funds for 246, 291 Pueblo Ordnance Depot, Colo., construction of facilities, authorized 339 Puerto Rico: Agricultural experiment stations, appropriation for 227 Agricultural extension work, appropriation for 241 Airport program. Federal-aid, appropriation for 588, 589 Fort Brooke, rehabilitation of Rodriques General Hospital, authorized 343 Military and naval installations and facilities, construction authorized _. 362 Sugar Act of 1948, amendments, quota provisions under 318 Vocational education, appropriation for_ 214 Vocational Rehabilitation Act, payments in accordance with 215 Puget Sound, Wash., naval installations and facilities, construction authorized. 347 Purdue University, Ind., appropriation for construction of poultry breeding house 227 Purnell Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 227 Q Quantico, Ya., Marine Corps Schools, construction of facilities, authorized _ _ Quarantine Service, appropriation for Reduction Quartermaster Corps. See under Army, Department of the. Quartermaster Experimental Fuel Station, Pike County, Mo., transfer from Army Department to Interior Department, authorized Quonset Point, R. I., Naval Air Station, construction of facilities, authorized-

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322 345

R Radio Communication, authority of President to control electromagnetic radiation Radio Galleries, Senate and House of Representatives, employees of, compensation Radios, credit controls under Defense Production Act Radiotelegraphic Convention, International, appropriation for expenses in performing duties under


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