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65 STAT.]


PUBLIC LAW 78—JULY 12. 1951

lands and products thereof, and no use of the surface of the claim or the resources therefrom not reasonably required for carrying on mining or prospecting shall be allowed except under the rules, and regulations of the Department of Agriculture or the Department of the Interior, respectively. SEC. 3. That valid mining claims within the said lands, existing on the date of the enactment of this Act, and thereafter maintained in compliance with the law under which they were initiated and the laws of the State of Arizona, may be perfected under this Act, or under the laws under which they were initiated, as the claimant may desire. Approved July 12, 1951. P u b l i c Law 78

Valid mining claims.

CHAPTER 2 2 3 AN ACT To amwid the Agricultural Act of 1949.

Be it enacted by the Senate and Hoibse of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Agricultural Act of 1949 is amended by adding at the end thereof a new title to read as follows:

July 12, 1951 [S. 984]

Agricultural Act, 1949, amendment. 63 Stat. 1061. 7 U.S.C. i 1421 note.

"TITLE V—AGRICULTURAL WORKERS "SEC. 501. For the purpose of assisting in such production of agri- ^Y^^ofulxiw ^^ cultural commodities and products as the Secretary of Agriculture deems necessary, by supplying agricultural workers from the Republic of Mexico (pursuant to arrangements between the United States and the Republic of Mexico), the Secretary of Labor is authorized— "(1) to recruit such workers (including any such workers who have resided in the United States for the preceding five years, or who are temporarily in the United States under legal entry); "(2) to establish and operate reception centers at or near the places of actual entry of such workers into the continental United States for the purpose of receiving and housing such workers while arrangements are being made for their employment in, or departure from, the continental United States; "(3) to provid^ transportation for such workers from recruitment centers outside the continental United States to such reception centers and transportation from such reception centers to such recruitment centers after termination of employment; "(4) to provide such workers with such subsistence, emergency medical care, and burial expenses (not exceeding $150 burial expenses in any one case) as may be or become necessary during transportation authorized by paragraph (3) and while such workers are at reception centers; "(5) to assist such workers and employers in negotiating contracts for agricultural employment (such workers being free to accept or decline agricultural employment with any eligible employer and to choose the type of agricultural employment they desire, and eligible employers being free to offer agricultural employment to any workers of their choice not under contract to other employers); "(6) to guarantee the performance by employers of provisions of such contracts relating to the payment of wages or the furnishing of transportation. "SEC. 502. No worker.s shall be made available under this title to any em^^yer and u.^!^