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PUBLIC LAW 136—AUG. 31, 1951

39 Stat. 750. Salary limitation.



National Park; operation and maintenance of oceangoing or coastwise vessels by ownership, charter, or arrangement with other branches of the Government service, for the purpose of providing additional facilities for transportation of freight, passengers, or mail, when deemed necessary for the benefit and development of industries or travel in the area served; and payment of compensation and expenses as authorized by section 42 of the Act of September 7, 1916 (5 U.S.C. 793), to be reimbursed as therein provided: Provided, That no one other than the general manager of said railroad, and one assistant general manager at not to exceed $13,000 per annum, shall be paid an annual salary out of said fund of more than $11,000. VIRGIN ISLANDS P U B L I C


For an additional amount to carry out the provisions of the Act of December 20, 1944 (58 Stat. 827), $992,970, of which not to exceed $63,270 shall be available for personal services: Provided, That the estimated project costs specified in said Act of December 20, 1944, shall not constitute limitations on amounts that may be expended for such projects: Provided further, That no part of this appropriation shall be used for the waterfront development project on Saint Thomas, and the amount included in the 1952 budget estimates for this project is hereby made available for school and hospital facilities in the Virgin Islands.






For necessary expenses of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior (referred to herein as the Secretary), including teletype rentals and service; $2,154,911, of which not to exceed $1,890,798 shall be available for personal services. GENERAL PROVISIONS Employment aliens.


Attendance at meetings.

Availability of funds for emergency construction.

Emergency prevention of fires.



SEC. 102. Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, aliens may be employed during the current fiscal year in the field service of the Department for periods of not more than thirty days in cases of emergency caused by fire, flood, storm, act of God, or sabotage. SEC. 103. Appropriations in this Act available for travel expenses shall be available, for expenses of attendance of officers and employees at meetings or conventions of members of societies or associations concerned with the work of the bureau or office for which the appropriation concerned is made. SEC. 104. Appropriations made in this Act shall be available for expenditure or transfer (within each bureau or office), with the approval of the Secretary, for the emergency reconstruction, replacement or repair of buildings, utilities, or other facilities or equipment damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, storm, or other unavoidable causes: Provided, That no funds shall be made available under this authority until funds specifically made available to the Department of the Interior for emergencies shall have been exhausted. SEC. 105. The Secretary may authorize the expenditure or transfer (within each bureau or office) of any appropriation in this Act, in addition to the amounts included in the budget programs of the several agencies, for the suppression or emergency prevention of forest or range fires on or threatening lands under jurisdiction of the