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PUBLIC LAW 168—OCT. 11, 1951

[65 STAT.

including not exceeding $70,000 for personal services, not exceeding $200,000 for books in raised characters, and the balance remaining for sound-reproduction records and for the purchase, maintenance, and replacement of the Government-owned reproducers for sound-reproduction records for the blind and not exceeding $1,000 for necessarytraveling expenses connected with such service and for expenses of attendance at meetings when incurred on the written authority and direction of the Librarian; and for printing and binding. P R I N T I N G AND BINDING

General printing and binding: For miscellaneous printing and binding for the Library of Congress, including the Copyright Office, and the binding, rebinding, and repairing of Library books, $450,000. Printing the Catalog oi Title Entries of the Copyright Office: For the publication of the Catalog of Title Entries of the Copyright Office and the decisions of the United States courts involving copyrights, $39,500. Printing catalog cards: For the printing of catalog cards and of miscellaneous publications relating to the distribution of catalog cards, and for duplication of catalog cards by methods other than printing, $550,500. M I S C E L L A N E O U S E X P E N S E S OF THE LIBRARY

Miscellaneous expenses: For miscellaneous expenses connected with the administration of the Library, and not otherwise provided for, including domestic and foreign postage, travel expenses, including not exceeding $500 for expenses of attendance at meetings when incurred on the written authority and direction of the Librarian, printing and binding, and personal services, supplies, and other necessary expenses for the operation of a photo-duplication service, and for the purchase of photoduplications, $80,000. LIBRARY B U I L D I N G S

Salaries and expenses: For personal services, including personal services for printing and binding, and necessary miscellaneous expenses in connection with the custody, care, and maintenance of the library buildings; including not to exceed $750 for employees engaged by the day or hour at rates to be fixed by the Librarian, and including mail and delivery service, telephone service, special clothing, cleaning of special clothing of separated employees, medical supplies, equipment, and expenses for the emergency rooms, housekeeping and miscellaneous supplies and equipment, and other incidental expenses; $711,625. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS TRUST F U N D BOARD

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For any expense of the Library of Congress Trust Fund Board not properly chargeable to the income of any trust fund held by the Board, $500. Not to exceed ten positions in the Library of Congress may be exempt from the provisions of the section of the Chapter entitled "General Provisions" of the "Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1952", concerning the employment of aliens, but the Librarian shall not make any appointment to any such position until he has ascertained that he cannot secure for such appointment a person in any of the three categories specified in such section who possesses the special qualifications