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65 STAT.]


PUBLIC LAW 18—APR. 16, 1951

because of acquisition of their farms by such agencies. Upon application to the county committee, within five years from the date of such acquisition of the farm, any owner so displaced shall be entitled to have an allotment for any other farm owned or acquired by him equal to an allotment which would have been determined for such other farm plus the allotment which would have been determined for the farm so acquired: Provided, That such allotment shall not Eestriction. exceed 50 per centum of the acreage of cropland on the farm. "The provisions of this section shall not be applicable if (a) there is Nonapplicability. any marketing quota penalty due with respect to the marketing of peanuts from the farm acquired by the Federal, State, or other agency or by the owner of the farm; (b) any peanuts produced on such farm have not been accounted for as required by the Secretary; or (c) the allotment next established for the farm acquired by the Federal, State, or other agency would have been reduced because of false or improper identification of peanuts produced on or marketed from such farm." 55 Stat. 90. SEC. 2. Section 359 of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, 7 U.S.C. Sup. IV„ § 135S. as amended, is amended as follows: 1. Subsection (a) is amended by adding at the end thereof a new sentence as follows: "Notwithstanding any other provisions of this title, no refund of any penalty shall be made because of peanuts kept on the farm for seed or for home consumption." Stat. 42. 2. Subsection (g) is amended by (1) adding after "1947" in the 64 U.S.C. Sup. IV, 7 first sentence the words "or 1948, if no peanuts were harvested on the § i359'(g'). farm in 1947", (2) striking out after the word "That," where it first appears in the proviso, the following words: "for the 1950 crop", and (3) by inserting the following new sentences after the fifth sentence: "As an alternative to designated agencies paying the prevailing dil Excess peanuts. value for such excess peanuts of any type in insufficient supply and the subsequent distribution of sales proceeds therefrom in accordance with the foregoing provisions of this subsection, the Secretary may also authorize peanut buyers approved pursuant to regulations of the Secretary to purchase such peanuts from producers at prices not less than those at which such peanuts may be sold for cleaning and shelling by the Commodity Credit Corporation. I n the event of such authorization by the Secretary, producers shall have the option of either delivering such peanuts to designated agencies or selling such peanuts to approved peanut buyers, and such sales to approved buyers shall have the same effect, with respect to avoidance of the marketing penalty and classification of producers as cooperators, as deliveries to designated agencies." Stat. SEC. 3. The first sentence of section 363 of the Agricultural Adjust- 52 U. S.63, 62. 1363; 7 C. § ment Act of 1938, as amended, is amended to read as follows: "Any Sup.'i'vr'§§l363 note; farmer who is dissatisfied with his farm marketing quota may, within fifteen days-after mailing to him of notice as provided in section 362, have such quota reviewed by a local review committee composed of three farmers from the same or nearby counties appointed by the Secretary." Approved April 12, 1951. P u b l i c Law 18


AN ACT To authorize the printing: of the annual reports of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America as separate House document.s. Be it enacted by the SenMe and Home of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the annual 76100 O - 52 (PT. I) - 5

April 16, 1961 [H. B. 3020]

Qirl Scouts. Report.