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PUBLIC LAW 20»—OCT. 24, 1951

[65 STAT.


Maintenance and improvement of existing river and harbor works: For expenses necessary for the preservation and maintenance of existing river and harbor works, and for the prosecution of such projects heretofore authorized as may be most desirable in the interests of commerce and navigation; for surveys of northern and northwestern lakes and other boundary and connecting waters as heretofore authorized, including the preparation, correction, printing, and issuing of charts and bulletins, and the investigation of lake levels; for prevention of obstructive and injurious deposits within the harbor c^miss^^n'* °®^"® ^^^ adjacent waters of New York City; for expenses of the California Debris Commission in carrying on the work authorized by the Act 27 Stat. 507. approved March 1, 1893, as amended (33 U.S.C. 661, 678, and 683); for removing sunken vessels or craft obstructing or endangering navigation as authorized by law; for operating and maintaining, keeping in repair, and continuing in use without interruption any lock, canal (except the Panama Canal), canalized river, or other public works for the use and benefit of navigation belonging to the student officers. United States; for payment annually of tuition fees of not to exceed eighteen student officers of the Corps of Engineers at civil technical institutions under the provisions of section 127a of the National 41 Stat. 785.

Defense Act, as amended (10 U.S.C. 5 3 5); for examinations, surveys, and contingencies of r i v e r s and h a r b o r s; for the execution of

detailed investigations and the preparation of plans and specifications Printing of surveys f^^ projects heretofore authorized; for printing, either during a recess or session of Congress, of surveys authorized by law, and such surveys as may be printed during a recess of Congress shall be printed, with illustrations, as documents of the next succeeding session of ve^sTe??*""'"^ '"'" Congress; $192,657,613: Provided, Th&t no part of this appropriation shall be expended for any preliminary examination, survey, project, Harbor channels, or estimate uot authorized by law: Provided further, That from this appropriation the Secretary of the Army may, in his discretion and on the recommendation of the Chief of Engineers based on the recommendation by the Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors in the review of a report or reports authorized by law, expend such sums as may be necessary for the maintenance of harbor channels provided by a State, municipality, or other public agency outside of harbor lines and serving essential needs of general commerce and navigatiom such work to be subject to the conditions recommended by the Chiei tio^ai"commiSio™of ^^ Engineers in his report or reports thereon: Provided further, That thTcongress of Navi- not to exceed $5,000 of the amount herein appropriated shall be ^**'°" available for the support and maintenance of the Permanent International Commission of the Congress of Navigation and for the payment of the expenses of the properly accredited delegates of the United States to the meeting of the Congresses and of the Commission: Transfer of funds. Provided further, That from this appropriation not to exceed $1,725,000 shall be available for transfer to the Secretary of the Interior for expenditure for the purposes of and in accordance with 60 stat^932, 1080.^^ the provisions of the Act of August 8, 1946 (16 U.S.C. 756), and the 661-666C. • ' Act of August 14, 1946. FLOOD CONTROL

49 Stat. 1570. 66 u. s. o. ss 70ia-

Flood control, general: For expenses necessary for the construction and maintenance of certain public works on rivers and harbors for flood control, and for other purposes, in accordance with the provisions of the Flood Control Act, approved June 22, 1936, as amended and ,

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7oif, 7oih. supplemented, including preliminary examinations, surveys, and con^^saimonRiver.Alas- tingeucies in couuection with flood control; $316,544,100: Provided,