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[65 STAT.

A-4513584, AUie, Ahmed Ben (alias Ahmed Allie alias Samuel Ben AUie). A-5537150, Alt, Fred Willy. A-5673027, Andrew, Peter James or Pete James Andrew or Panagiotis Demetriou Andritsakos. A-3209155, Andriolas, Leonidas Nick or Leonidas Andreolas. A-635T998, Anestakis, Paraskevi or Paraskevi Kornelios Anestakis or Paraskeri Anestaki. A-1190242, Antonelos, Alexandros Demetriou or Anthony Antonelos. A-6397402, Antypas, William George. A-2900070, Apergis, Konstantinos Nicolaou or Gus Pappas. A-4874680, Arsenis, Peter Gabriel. A-1161603, Atkinson, George. A^440886, Baddo, Benedict© Balais or Victor Baddu. A-6737990, Baldini, Malania Ada (nee Tozzi). A-5391338., Babaris, Pavlos or Paul Felix. A-3832721, Barberis, Vasilios or Bill Barbaris or Varvaris. A-1771910, Bargellini, Louis. A-3901595, Bauco, Basilio. A-5778253, Baxter, Bessie Margaret Eosalind or Bessie Rosalind Margaret Baxter or Bessie Margaret Rosalind Durn (nee Dow). A-6317580, Belazis, Niki Thomas or Mrs. Niki Angelopoulos Belzais (nee Niki Polyrios Angelopoulou) or Niki Belazis. A-6798708, Benton, Madeleine Patricia formerly Parker (nee Quick). A-6709270, Berck, Lionel Neil. A^483707, Bertuccelli, Amleto. A-1662385, Biale, Giovanni Battista or John Battista Biale or Gio Batta Biale. A-5886141, Blanco, Mary Florence Byrne alias Mabel Blanco. A-9795302, Bluet, Roger Gabriel Marie Maurice or Roger Gabriel Bluet. A-4164153, Bolnavita, Zaharia. A-4069160, Bonechi, Dante. A-6457503, Bonime, Selma or Selma Plaschges (nee Selma Fehl). A-6958173, Bonner, John Herbert. A-4941272, Bosetti, Enrico Ambrogio. A-3498346, Bostos, Demetrios Nicholas or James Nicholas Bastos or Demetrios Nicholas. A-6390971, Braun, Elly (nee Schlesinger). A-4474635, Buono, Domenico Lo or Joe Costa. A-1800618, Bursich, Louis. A-6576275, Bi*tkus, Antanos. A-5040766, Caetano, Joao, Junior. A-2691402, Campbell, Anna Mary or Anastasia Carey. A-9559042, Carbajo, Salvador Pena. A-6160261, Carfagna, Frank Joseph. A-6910279, Carney, Valerie Boyle (nee Boyle). A-4395390, Carpino, Agostino Eugenio Angelo or Carmelo Angelo Carpino or Angelo Carpino. A-7083796, Caruso, Michael Vittorio. A-5257495, Chamberlain, Mary Elizabeth. A-7575864, Chan, Woon Lum or William Chan.