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PART III.—TRAINING C H A P T E R 101.—TRAINING GENERALLY Sec. 2001. Reserve components

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PART IV.—SERVICE, SUPPLY, AND PROCUREMENT CHAPTER 131.—PLANNING A N D COORDINATION Sec. 2201. General functions of Secretary of Defense 2202. Obligation of funds: limitation

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C H A P T E R 133.—FACILITIES FOR R E S E R V E COMPONENTS Sec. 2231. 2232. 2233. 2234. 2235. 2236. 2237. 2238.

Purpose Definitions Acquisition Location and use Administration; other use permitted by Secretary Contributions to States; other use permitted by States Supervision of construction Army National Guard of United States; Air National Guard of United States: limitation on relocation of units

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C H A P T E R 135.—ENCOURAGEMENT OF AVIATION Sec. 2271. Design competitions: a d v e r t i s e m e n t; selection of winner 2272. Design competitions: rejection or purchase of designs; contracts, conditions 2273. Right of United States to design; right of designer to patent; right to sue United States 2274. Procurement for experimental purjwses 2275. Contracts; review of decisions 2276. Inspection and audit of plant and books of c o n t r a c to r; criminal provisions , 2277. Appropriations; availability 2278. Purchase of sample aircraft 2279. A i r c r a f t: restrictions on alien employees of contractor

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CHAPTER 137.—PROCUREMENT GENERALLY 2301. 2302. 2303. 2304. 2305. 2306. 2307. 2308. 2309. 2310. 2311. 2312. 2313. 2314.

Declaration of iK)licy Definitions Applicability of chapter Purchases and contracts: advertising; exceptions For m a l advertisements for b i d s; t i m e; opening; a w a r d; rejection Kinds of contracts Advance payments Assignment and delegation of procurement functions and responsibilities Allocation of appropriations Determinations and decisions Delegation Remission of liquidated damages Examination of books and records of contractor Laws inapplicable to agencies named in section 2303 of t h i s title

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