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104 § 1334. Time not creditable toward years of service (a) Service in an inactive status may not be counted in any computation of years of service under this chapter. (b) Time spent after retirement or transfer to the Retired Reserve may not be credited in any computation of years of service under this chapter. §1335. Inactive status list (a) A person who would be eligible for retired pay under this chapter but for the fact that he is under 60 years of age may be transferred, at his request and by direction of the Secretary concerned, to such inactive status list as may be established for members of his armed force, other than members of a regular component. (b) While on an inactive status list under subsection (a), a person is not required to participate in any training or other program prescribed for his component. (c) The Secretary may at any time recall to active status a member who is on an inactive status list under subsection (a). § 1336. Service credited for retired pay benefits not excluded for other benefits No period of service included wholly or partly in determining a person's right to, or the amount of, retired pay under this chapter may be excluded in determining his eligibility for any annuity, pension, or old-age benefit, under any other law, on account of civilian employment by the United States or otherwise, or in determining the amount payable under that law, if that service is otherwise properly credited under it. §1337. Limitation on active duty No member of the armed forces may be ordered to active duty solely for the purpose of qualifying him for retired pay under this chapter. CHAPTER 69.—RETIRED GRADE Sec.

1371. Warrant oflBcers: general rule. 1372. Grade on retirement for physical disability: members of armed forces. 1373. Higher grade for later physical disability: retired officers recalled to active duty. 1375. Entitlement to commission: commissioned officers advanced on retired list. 1376. Retired lists.

§1371. Warrant officers: general rule Unless entitled to a higher retired grade under some other provision of law, a warrant officer retires, as determined by the Secretary concerned, in the permanent regular or reserve warrant officer grade, if any, that he held on the day before the date of his retirement, or in any higher warrant officer grade in which he served on active duty satisfactorily, as determined by the Secretary, for a period of more than 30 days.