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135 (d) Upon approval by the Secretary concerned, payments under subsection (a) may be made from— (1) funds obligated for the performance of the contract concerned; (2) funds available for research or development, or both, and not otherwise obligated; or (3) funds appropriated for those payments. § 2355. Contracts: vouchering procedures Notwithstanding any law relating to the expenditure of and accounting for public funds, the Secretary of each military department may, with the approval of the Secretary of Defense and the Comptroller General, prescribe by regulation the extent to which vouchers for funds spent under a contract of his department for research or development, or both, must be itemized, substantiated, or certified before payment. §2356. Contracts: delegations (a) The Secretary of a military department may delegate any authority under section 1584, 2353, 2354, or 2355 of ttiis title to— (1) the Under Secretary of his department; (2) an Assistant Secretary of his department; or (3) the chief, and one assistant to the chief, of any technical service, bureau, or office. However, the authority of the Secretary under section 2353(b) (3^ of this title may not be delegated to a person described in clause (3) of this subsection. (b) Subject to other provisions of law, the power to negotiate and administer contracts for research or development, or both, may be further delegated. In this section "negotiate" means make without the formal advertising prescribed by section 2305(a) and (b) of this title. §2357. Contracts: reports to Congress The Secretary of each military department shall report to Congress on contracts for research or development, or both, made during each six-month period ending on January 16 or July 16. The report shall— (1) list each of those contracts in which the cost to the United States will be more than $50,000; and (2) contain specific information on each contract described in clause (1), but may omit any information if the Secretary considers that its disclosure would be detrimental to the national security. CHAPTER 141.—MISCELLANEOUS PROCUREMENT PROVISIONS See. 2381. 2882. 2383. 2384. 2385. 2386.

Contracts: regulations for bids. Aircraft: contract requirements. Emergency purctiases: war material abroad. Supplies: marking with name of contractor. Arms and ammunition: immunity from taxation. Copyrights, patents, designs, etc.; acquisition. 81913 O—56