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2421. Plantations and farms: operation, maintenance, and improvement.


Plantations and farms: operation, maintenance, and improvement (a) Appropriations for the subsistence of members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps are available for expenditures necessary in the operation, maintenance, and improvement of any plantation or farm, outside the United States and under the jurisdiction of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, as the case may be, for furnishin<i: fresh fruits and vejzetables to the armed forces. However, no land may be acquired under this subsection. (b) Fruits and vegetables produced under subsection (a) that are over the amount furnished or sold to the armed forces or to civilians serving with the armed forces may be sold only outside the United States. (c) Of the persons employed by the United States under subsection (a), only nationals of the United States are entitled to the benefits provided by laws relating to the employment, work, compensation, or other benefits of civilian employees of the United States. (d) A plantation or farm covered by subsection (a) shall be operated, maintained, and improved by a private contractor or lessee, so far as practical3le. Before using members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, as the case may be, the Secretary concerned must make a reasonaole effort to make a contract or lease with a person in civil life for his services for that operation, maintenance, or improvement, on terms advantageous to the United States. A determination by the Secretary as to the reasonableness of effort to make a contract or lease, and as to the advantageous nature of its terms, is final. CHAPTER




2451. 2452. 2453. 2454. 2455. 2456.

Defense supply management. Duties of Secretary of Defense. Supply catalog: distribution and use. Supply catalog: new or obsolete items. Reports to Congress. Coordination with General Services Administration.

§2451. Defense supply management (a) The Secretary of Defense shall develop a single catalog system and related program of standardizing supplies for the Department of Defense. (b) I n cataloging, the Secretary shall name, describe, classify, and number each item recurrently used, bought, stocked, or distributed by the Department of Defense, so that only one distinctive combination of letters or numerals, or both, identifies the same item throughout the Department of Defense. Only one identification may be used for each item for all supply functions from purchase to final disposal in the field or other area. The catalog may consist of a number of volumes, sections, or supplements. I t shall include all items of supply and, for each item, information needed for supply operations, such as descriptive and performance data, size, weight, cubage, packaging