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143 CHAPTER 153.—EXCHANGE OF MATERIAL A N D DISPOSAL OF O B S O L E T E, S U R P L U S, OR U N C L A I M E D PROPERTY Sec. 2571. 2572. 2578. 2574. 2575.

Interchang* of supplies and services. Condemned or obsolete material: loan or gift to certain organizations. Excess property: transfers to Canal Zone Government. Armament: sale of individual pieces. Disposition of unclaimed property.

§ 2571. I n t e r c h a n g e of supplies and services (a) If its head approves, a department or organization within the Department of Defense may, upon request, perform work and services for, or furnish supplies to, any other of those departments or organizations, without reimbursement or transfer of funds. (b) If military or civilian personnel of a department or organization within the Department of Defense are assigned or detailed to another of those departments or organizations, and if the head of the department or organization to which they are transferred approves, their pay and allowances and the cost of transporting their dependents and household goods may be charged to an appropriation that is otherwise available for those purposes to that department or organization. § 2572. Condemned or obsolete m a t e r i a l: loan or gift to certain organizations Subject to regulations under section 486 of title 40, the Secretary of a military department, or the Secretary of the Treasury, under regulations to be prescribed by him, may lend or give, without expense to the United States, books, manuscripts, works of art, drawings, plans, models, and condemned or obsolete combat material that are not needed by that department to— (1) a mun icipal corporation; (2) a soldiers' monument association; (3) a State museum; (4) an incorporated museum, operated and maintained for educational purposes only, whose charter denies it the right to operate for profit; (5) a post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States; (6) a post of the American Legion; (7) a local unit of any other recognized war veterans' association; or (8) a post of the Sons of Veterans Reserve. §2573. Excess property: transfers to Canal Zone Government A military department may transfer to the Canal Zone Government, without reimbursement and regardless of location, any supplies, including tools, structures, vessels, and floating equipment, that are excess property as defined by section 472(e) of title 40 and have been certified by the Governor of the Canal Zone as necessary for the care, maintenance, operation, improvement, sanitation, or government of the Canal Zone.