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146 (d) Supplies of the American National Ked Cross, including gifts for the use of the armed forces, may be transported at the expense of the United States, if it is determined under regulations prescribed under subsection (a) that they are necessary to the cooperation and assistance accepted under this section. (e) For the purposes of this section, employees of the American National Red Cross may not be considered as employees of the United States. CHAPTER 157.—TRANSPORTATION Sec.

2631. Supplies: preference to United States vessels. 2632. Transportation to and from certain places of employment.

§ 2631. Supplies: preference to United States vessels Only vessels of the United States or belonging to the United States may be used in the transportation by sea of supplies bought for the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps. However, if the President finds that the freight charged by those vessels is excessive or otherwise unreasonable, contracts for transportation may be made as otherwise provided by law. Charges made for the transportation of those supplies by those vessels may not be higher than the charges made for transporting like goods for private persons. § 2632. Transportation to and from certain places of employment (a) Whenever the Secretary of a military department determines that it is necessary for the effective conduct of the affairs of that department, he may, at reasonable rates of fare fixed under regulations to be prescribed by him, provide assured and adequate transportation by motor vehicle or water carrier to and from their place? of employment for persons attached to, or employed in, that department, and during a war or during a national emergency declared by Congress or the President, for persons attached to, or employed in, a private plant that is manufacturing material for that department. (b) Transportation may not be provided under subsection (a) unless the Secretary of the military department concerned, or an officer of the department concerned designated by the Secretary, determines that— (1) other facilities are inadequate and cannot be made adequate; (2) a reasonable effort has been made to induce operators of private facilities to provide the necessary transportation; and (3) the service to be furnished will make proper use of transportation facilities and will supply the most efficient transportation to the persons concerned. (c) To provide transportation under subsection (a), the department may— (1) buy, lease, or charter motor vehicles or water carriers'having a seating capacity of 12 or more passengers; (2) maintain and operate that equipment by— (A) enlisted members of the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps, as the case may be; (B) employees of the department concerned; and (C) private persons under contract; and