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165 (3) it did not arise from action by an enemy or result directly or indirectly from an act of the armed forces of the United States in combat. (c) Allowance of a claim for more than $2,500 under subsection (a) may, by regulation, be made subject to the approval of any commissioned officer designated by the Secretary of the military depart^ ment concerned. (d) The Secretary of the military department concerned may certify to Congress any claim for more than $6,000 that would otherwise be covered by this section in the amount that he considers just and reasonable, as a legal claim for payment from appropriations made by Congress therefor, together with a brief statement of the claim, the amount claimed, and the amount allowed. (e) No claim may be paid under subsection (a) unless the amount tendered is accepted in full satisfaction. (f) I n time of war and upon the request of a military department, a claim arising in that department and covered by subsection (a) may be settled and paid by a commission appointed under subsection (a) and composed of officers of an armed force under the jurisdiction of another military department. (g) A claim against the Coast Guard may be settled or paid under this section only if it arises and is settled and paid while the Coast Guard is operating as a service in the Navy. Officers of the Coast Guard may serve on claims commissions, or as officers to approve settlements made by such a commission, only for claims against the Coast Guard. Payment of such claims shall be made out of the appropriation for the operating expenses of the Coast Guard. §2735.

Settlement: final and conclusive

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the settlement of a claim under section 2732, 2733, or 2734 of this title is final and conclusive. CHAPTER 165.—ACCOUNTABILITY A N D RESPONSIBILITY Sec. 2771. Final settlement of accounts: deceased members. 2772. Withholding pay of officers. § 2771. F i n a l settlement of accounts: deceased members (a) In the settlement of the accounts of a deceased member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, if a demand is not made by his legal representative, the General Accounting Office may allow any amount due, to the person highest on the following list living on the date of settlement: (1) Surviving spouse. (2) Children and their issue, per stirpes. (3) Father and mother in equal parts or, if either is dead, the survivor. (4) Brothers and sisters, and their children, per stirpes. (b) Reimbursement for funeral expenses may be made from the amount due the decedent's estate, if the person who paid the expenses presents a claim for them before settlement by the General Accounting Office.