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CHAPTER 301.—DEFINITIONS Sec. 3001. Definitions.

§ 3001. Definitions In this title, "Army" means the Army or Armies referred to in the Constitution of the United States, less that part established by law as the Air Force.

CHAPTER 303.—DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Sec. 3011. 3012. 3013. 3014. 3015. 3016. 3017.

Department of the Army: seal. Serrerary of the Army: powers and duties; delegation by; compensation. Under Secretary of the Army: Assistant Secretaries of the Army. Coniptroller of the Army: appointment; functions. Chief of National Guard Bureau: appointment; acting chief. Administrative Assistant. Secretary of the Army: successors to duties.

§ 3011. Department of the Army: seal The Secretary of the Army shall have a seal for the Department of the Army. The desig:n of the seal must be approved by the President..Judicial notice shall be taken of the seal. §3012.

Secretary of the Army: powers and duties; delegation by; compensation (a) There is a Secretary of the Army, who is the head of the Department of the Army. (b) Tlip Secretary is responsible for and has the authority necessary to conduct all affairs of the Department of the Army, including— (1) functions necessary or appropriate for the training, operations, administration, logistical support and maintenance, welfare, preparedness, and effectiveness of the Army, including research and development; and (2) such other activities as may be prescribed by the President or the Secretary of Defense as authorized by law. H e shall perform such other duties relating to Army affairs, and conduct the business of the Department in such manner, as the President or the Secretary of Defense may prescribe. (c) The Secretary may assign such of his duties as he considers appropriate to the Under Secretary of the Army and to the Assistant Secretaries of the Army. Officers of the Army shall, as directed by the Secretary, report on any matter to the Secretary, the Under Secretary. or an Assistant Serretarv. (d) The Secretary or, as he may prescribe, the Under Sexjretary or an Assistant Secretary shall supervise all matters relating to— (1 ^ the procurement activities of the Department of the Army: and