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178 (b) No person whose service during his last term of enlistment was not honest and faithful may be reenlisted in the Army. However, the Secretary may authorize the reenlistment or muster into the Army of such a person if his conduct after that service has been good. (c) I n time of peace, no person may be accepted for original enlistment in the Army unless he is, or has made a legal declaration of intention to become, a citizen of the United States. §3254. Army: during war or emergency Except as provided in section 3256 of this title and except for enlistments as Reserves of the Army— (1) temporary enlistments in the Army entered into in time of war or of emergency declared by Congress shall be for the duration of the war or emergency plus six months; and \2) only persons at least 18 years of age and otherwise qualified under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Army are eligible for such enlistments. § 3255. Regular Army: recruiting campaigns The Secretary of the Army shall conduct intensive recruiting campaigns to obtain enlistments in the Regular Army. § 3256. Regular Army: qualifications, term, grade (a) Notwithstanding section 3254(2) of this title, the Secretary of the Army may accept original enlistments in the Regular Army of qualified, effective, and able-bodied persons who are not less than 17 years of age in the case of male persons and not less than 18 years of age in the case of female persons, nor more than 35 years of age, for periods of two, three, four, five, or six years. However, no male person under 18 years of age, or female person under 21 years of age, may be originally enlisted without the written consent of his parent or guardian, if he has a parent or guardian entitled to his custody and control. Female persons may be enlisted in the Regular Army only in the Women's Army Corps. (b) The Secretary may accept reenlistments in the Regular Army for periods of three, four, five, or six years. Plowever, a person who last served in one of the highest three enlisted grades may be reenlisted for an unspecified period on a career basis. No age limitation applies to reenlistments. No enlisted member is entitled to be reenlisted for a period that would expire before the end of his current enlistment. (c) An enlistment in the Regular Army in effect at the outbreak of a war or entered into during a war, unless sooner terminated by the President, continues in effect until six months after the termination of that war. (d) Subject to subsection (e), a person is enlisted in the Regular Army in the grade prescribed by the Secretary. (e) A person who, upon his discharge from the Regular Army, is recommended for reenlistment is entitled to be reenlisted in the grade held by him when discharged, if he applies therefor within a period to be specified by the Secretary, but not later than three months after his discharge. However, a person who has been discharged from the Regular Army because of the acceptance of his resignation is