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184 § 3292. Commissioned officers; Judge Advocate General's Corps: original appointment; additional qualifications, grade Original appointments in commissioned grades in the Regular Army in the Judge Advocate General's Corps may be made from the following: (1) Officers of the Regular Army in other branches. (2) Reserve commissioned officers assigned to the Judge Advocate General's Corps. (3) Qualified civilian graduates of accredited law schools. Commissioned officers of the Regular Army in other branches may be originally appointed in the Judge Advocate General's Corps in the grades of first lieutenant through colonel. § 3293.

Commissioned officers; Chaplains: original appointment; examination No person in civil life may be originally appointed as a chaplain in the Regular Army unless he has passed an examination prescribed by the President as to his moral, mental, and physical qualifications.

§ 3294. Commissioned officers; Medical and Dental Corps: original appointment; additional method authorized as exception to general procedure (a) Notwithstanding sections 3285, 3286, and 3287 of this title, original appointments in the Regular Army may also be made in rades of captain through colonel in the Medical Corps and the )ental Corps, as the needs of the Army require. These appointments may be made only from qualified civilian doctors of medicine and dentists who are citizens of the United States and who have such other qualifications as the Secretary of the Army may prescribe. (b) An officer appointed under subsection (a) shall be credited for promotion with the minimum number of years of service required for promotion of officers of the corps to the grade in which he is appointed,



Commissioned officers: original appointment; determination of place on promotion list. The name of each person originally appointed in a commissioned grade in the Regular Army shall be placed on the applicable promotion list, if any, immediately below the junior officer of the same grade having the same or next longer service. §3296.

Promotion lists: promotion-list officer defined; determination of place upon transfer or promotion (a) The names of all commissioned officers in grades below brigadier general on the active list of the Regular Army, except those of the Army Nurse Corps and the Women's Medical Specialist Corps, those in special categories otherwise excluded under law, and professors of the United States Military Academy, shall be carried on promotion lists in descending order of grade and rank in the Regular Army. These officers may be called " promotion-list officers". (b) A separate promotion list shall be maintained for commissioned officers of the Resrular Army in each of the following: (1) The Chaplains.