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188 (e) An officer of the Medical, Dental, or Veterinary Corps in the regular grade of major who fails his first examination for promotion shall be suspended from promotion and reexamined as soon as practicable after one year from the date of his first examination. While he is so suspended from promotion, his name shall be removed from the recommended list and the years of service with which he is entitled to be credited for promotion purposes shall be reduced, if necessary, as provided in section 3303(b) of this title. (f) If on rexamination such a major is found qualified, his name shall be restored to the recommended list and he is eligible for promotion. If he is found disqualified for promotion, he shall be treated in the manner provided for deferred officers under section 3303(d) of this title. (g) While an officer is suspended from promotion under subsection (e), his right to promotion passes successively to the officers below him who are in the same grade and on the same promotion list, and who are or may become eligible for promotion. (h) If the needs of the Army require that an officer entitled to promotion upon examination under subsection (a) be absent from a place where an examining board can be convened, the officer may be promoted, subject to examination as soon as practicable. However, if he is thereafter examined and found disqualified for that promotion, and if the proceedings are approved by the Secretary, he shall be treated as if lie had been examined before promotion and had failed, (i) If an officer who is found qualified for promotion under this section dies in line of duty after the occurrence of a vacancy that would entitle him to that promotion because of his seniority and before promotion, the President may issue, or have issued, an appropriate commission in the name of that officer. A commission issued under this subsection shall issue as of the date of the vacancy, and the officer's name shall be carried on the records of the Department of the Army as if he had served in the grade and branch in which posthumously commissioned, from the date of the vacancy to the date of his death. No person is entitled to any bonus, gratuity, pay, or allowance because of this subsection. § 3303. Commissioned officers: effect of failure of promotion to captain, major, or lieutenant colonel (a) I n this subtitl^i, "deferred officer" means a promotion-list officer considered for promotion to the grade of captain, major, or lieutenant colonel under section 3299 of this title, but not recommended for promotion. (b) The years of service with which a deferred officer is entitled to be credited for promotion purposes shall be reduced so that one year after the date on which he would have been promoted had he been recommended by a selection board he will not have more than 7, 14, or 21 years of service, if in the grade of first lieutenant, captain, or major, as the case may be. (c) A deferred officer shall be considered again by the next selection board considering officers of his grade and promotion list. If recommended by this board, his name shall be placed on the applicable recommended list with the other officers recommended by the board, in the same order among themselves as on the promotion list, but