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XXV C H A P T E R 433.—PROCUREMENT Sec. 4531. 4532. 4533. 4534. 4535. 4536. 4537. 4538. 4539. 4540.

Authorization Factories and a r s e n a l s: manufacture a t; abolition of Army ration Subsistence supplies: contracts t i p u l a t i o n s; place of delivery on inspection Exceptional subsistence supplies: purchase without a d v e r t i s l n s Equipment: post bakeries, school, kitchens, and mess halls Military surveys and m a p s: assistance of United States mapping agencies Unserviceable ammunition: exchange and reclamation Horses and mules Architectural and engineering services

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C H A P T E R 435.—ISSUE O F SERVICEABLE M A T E R I A L TO ARMED FORCES Sec. 4561. Rations 255 4562. Clothing 256 4563. Clothing: replacement when destroyed to prevent contagion 256 4564. Xavy and Marine Corps: camp equipment and transportation; when on shore duty with Army 256 4565. Colors, standard s, and guidons of demobilized organizations: disposition 256 C H A P T E R 437.—UTILITIES AND SERVICES Sec. 4591. Utilities: proceeds from overseas operations 4592. Radiograms and t e l e g r a m s: forwarding charges due connecting commercial facilities 4593. Q u a r t e r s: h e a t and light C H A P T E R 439.—SALE O F SERVICE A B L E M A T E R I A L S Sec. 4621. Quartermaster supplies: members of armed forces; veterans; executive or military d e part m e n t s and employees; prices 4622. Rations: commissioned officers in field 4623. Tobacco: enlisted members of Army 4624. Medical supplies: civilian employees of Army; American National Red C r o s s; Soldiers' Home 4625. Ordnance property: officers of a r m e d forces; civilian employees of Army; American National Red C r o s s; educational institutions; homes for veterans' orphans 4626. Aircraft supplies and services: foreign military or air attache 4627. Supplies: educational institutions 4628. Airplane part s and accessories: civilian flying schools 4629. Proceeds: disposition C H A P T E R 441.—ISSUE OF SERVICEABLE M A T E R I A L OTHER THAN ARMED FOR C E S Sec. 4651. Arms, tentage, and equipment: educational institutions not maintaining units of R. O. T. C 4652. Rifles and ammunition for t a r g e t p r a c t i c e: educational institutions having corps of cadets 4653. Ordnance and ordnance stores: District of Columbia high schools 4654. Quartermaster supplies: military instruction camps 4655. Arms and ammunition: agencies and departments of the United States 4656. Aircraft and equipment: civilian aviation schools

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