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§ 4024. Expert accountant for Inspector General The Secretary of the Army shall appoint an expert accountant to perform duties under the Inspector General. § 4025. Production of supplies and munitions: hours and pay of laborers and mechanics During a national emergency declared by the President, the regular "working hours of laborers and mechanics of the Department of the Army producing military supplies or munitions are 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. However, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Army these hours may be exceeded. Each laborer •or mechanic who works more than 40 hours in a workweek shall be paid at a rate not less than one and one-half times the regular hourly rate for each hour in excess of 40.


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Training Generally United States Military Academy Reserve Officers' Training Corps Schools and Camps

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4301. Members of Army: detail as students, observers, and investigators at educational institutions, industrial plants, and hospitals. 4302, Enlisted members of Army: schools. 4306. Service schools: leaves of absence for instructors. 4307. Director of civilian marksmanship: detail. 4308. Civilian rifle ranges: establishment; instruction. 4309. Rifle ranges: recommendations to Congress; regulations. 4310. Rifle instruction: detail of members of Army. 4311. Rifle instruction: issue of rifles and ammunition. 4312. National rifle and pistol matches: small-arms firing school. 4313. National rifle matches and small-arms school: expenses.

§4301. Members of Army: detail as students, observers, and investigators at educational institutions, industrial plants, and hospitals (a) The Secretary of the Army may detail members of the Army as students at such technical, professional, and other* civilian educational institutions, or as students, observers, or investigators at such industrial plants, hospitals, and other places, as are best suited to enable them to acquire knowledge or experience in the specialties in which it is considered necessary that they perfect themselves. (b) An officer, other than one of the Regular Army on the active list, who is detailed under subsection (a) shall be ordered to additional active duty immediately upon termination of the detail, for a period at least as long as the detail but not longer than four years. However, if the detail is for 90 days or less, the officer may be ordered to that additional duty only with his consent and in the discretion of the Secretary. (c) No Reserve of the Army may be detailed as a student, observer, or investigator, or ordered to active duty under this section, without his consent and, if a member of the Army National Guard of the United States, without the approval of the governor or other appro-