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(b) The Secretary of the Army may detail enlisted members of the Army as temporary instructors in the use of the rifle to organized rifle clubs requesting that instruction. §4311. Rifle instruction: issue of rifles and ammunition The Secretary of the Army may provide for the issue of a reasonable number of standard military rifles, and such quantities of ammunition as are available, for use in conducting rifle practice at rifle ranges established under section 4309 of this title at which instructors have been detailed under section 4310 of this title. §4312. National rifle and pistol matches: small-arms firing school (a) An annual competition called the "National Matches" and consisting of rifle and pistol matches for a national trophy, medals, and other prizes shall be held as prescribed by the Secretary of the Army. (b) The National Matches are open to members of the armed forces, National Guard, Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Citizens' Military Training Camps, Citizens' Air Training Camps, and rifle clubs, and to civilians. (c) A small-arms firing school shall be held in connection with the National Matches. (d) Competitions for which trophies and medals are provided by the National Rifle Association of America shall be held in connection with the National Matches. § 4313. National rifle matches and small-arms school: expenses (a) Competitors at the National Matches under section 4312 of this title may draw not more than $1.50 a day as a subsistence allowance. If meals are furnished, a sum not to exceed $1.50 per man per day may be spent for that purpose while the contest is in progress. (b) A travel allowance of five cents a mile may be paid to a civilian competitor instead of traveling expenses and subsistence while traveling, and the allowance for the return trip may be paid in advance. CHAPTER 403.—UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY Sec.

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Superintendent; faculty; adjutant; chaplain. Departments and professors: titles. Superintendent; faculty: appointment and detail. Command and supervision. Dean of Academic Board. Permanent professors. Chaplain. Director of music. Organist and choirmaster; civilian instructors in departments of foreign languages and tactics: quarters, fuel, and light. Quartermaster. Faculty and other officers: leaves of absence. Cadets: appointment; numbers, territorial distribution, Cadets: appointment; to bring Corps to full strength. Selection of persons from Canada and American Republics. Selection of Filipinos. Cadets: requirements for admission. Cadets; nominees: affect of reiijstt^ictiing of States.