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244 (d) The Secretary of the Army shall so arrange the course of studies at the Academy that cadets are not required to pursue their studies on Sunday. (e) The Corps of Cadets shall be trained in the duties of members of the Army, shall be encamped at least three months in each year, and shall be trained in all duties incident to a camp. § 4350. Cadets: clothing and equipment (a) The Secretary of the Army may prescribe the amount to be credited to a cadet, upon original admission to the Academy, for the cost of his initial issue of clothing and equipment. That amount shall be deducted from his pay. If a cadet is discharged before graduation while owing the United States for pay advanced for the purchase of required clothing and equipment, he shall turn in so much of his clothing and equipment of a distinctive military nature as is necessary to repay the amount advanced. If the value of the clothing and equipment turned in does not cover the amount owed, the indebtedness shall be canceled. (b) Under such regulations as the Secretary may prescribe, uniforms and equipment shall be furnished to a cadet at the Academy upon his request. § 4351. Cadets: deficiencies in conduct or studies; effect of failure on successor (a) A cadet who is reported as deficient in conduct or studies and recommended to be discharged from the Academy may not, unless recommended by the Academic Board, be returned or reappointed to the Academy. (b) Any cadet who fails to pass a required examination because he is deficient in any one subject of instruction is entitled, to a rexamination of equal scope and difficulty in that subject, if he applies in writing to the Academic Board within 10 days after he is officially notified of his failure. The rexamination shall be held within 60 days after the date of his application. If the cadet passes the rexamination and is otherwise qualified, he shall be readmitted to the Academy. If he fails, he may not have another examination. (c) The failure of a member of a graduating class to complete the course with his class does not delay the admission of his successor. §4352. Cadets: hazing (a) Subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Army, the Superintendent of the Academy shall issue regulations— (1) defining hazing; (2) designed to prevent that practice; and (3) prescribing dismissal, suspension, or other adequate punishment for violations. (b) If a cadet who is charged with violating a regulation issued under subsection (a), the penalty for which is or may be dismissal from the Academy, requests in writing a trial by a general courtmartial, he may not be dismissed for that offense except under sentence of such a court. (c) A cadet dismissed from the Academy for hazing may not be reappointed to the Corps of Cadets, and is ineligible for appointment