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253 § 4506. Sale, loan, or gift of samples, drawings, and information to contractors The Secretary of the Army, under regulations to be prescribed by him, may sell, lend, or give such samples, drawings, and manufacturing or other information as he considers best for the national defense— (1) to any contractor for Army supplies under approved production plans; and (2) to any person likely to manufacture or supply Army supplies under such plans. § 4507. Sale of ordnance and ordnance stores to designers The Secretary of the Army may sell to designers who are nationals of the United States serviceable ordnance and ordnance stores necessary in the development of designs for the armed forces. §4508. Tests of iron, steel, and other materials (a) The Secretary of the Army may authorize the use of the Anny's machine for testing iron, steel, and other materials for industrial purposes, by any person upon payment of a suitable fee. The officer in charge of the test— (1) shall require payment of fees for the tests authorized by this section in accordance with a table of fees approved by the Secretary; (2) may require payment in advance; (3) may spend the fees so received in making such tests; and (4) shall fully report the tests and the expenditure of the fees to the Chief of Ordnance. The table of fees shall be adjusted from time to time so as to defray the cost of the tests as fully as possible. (b) The Chief of Ordnance shall consider any program of tests submitted by the American Society of Civil Engineers, and a record of the tests shall be furnished the Society for publication at its expense. CHAPTER 433.—PROCUREMENT Sec.

4531. 4532. 4533. 4534. 4535. 4536. 4537. 4538. 4539. 4540.

Authorization. Factories and arsenals: manufacture a t; abolition of. Army ration. Subsistence supplies: contract stipulations; place of delivery on inspection, Exceptional subsistence supplies: purchase without advertising. Equipment: post bakeries, schools, kitchens, and mess halls. Military surveys and maps: assistance of United States mapping agencies, Unserviceable ammunition: exchange and reclamation. Horses and mules. Architectural and engineering services.

§ 4531. Authorization The Secretary of the Army may procure materials and facilities necessary to maintain and support the Army, its military organizations, and their installations and supporting and auxiliary elements, including— (1) guided missiles; (2) modern standard items of equipment; ^3) equipment to replace obsolete or unserviceable equipment; (4) necessary spare equipment, materials, and parts; and