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XXXIII CHAPTEIR 545—Continued Sec.

5776. 5777. 5778. 5779. 5780. 5781. •J782. 5783. 5784. 5785. 5786. 5787. 5788. 5789. 5790. 5791. 5792.


F a i l u r e of selection Removal from promotion list Promotions under preceding sections: temporary; permanent Temporary promotions: termination Regular Navy, male line officers; Regular Marine Corps, male officers, permanent promotion Regular Navy; staff corps officers: permanent promotion to g r a d e of r e a r admi ra l Regular Navy; staff corps officers: permanent promotion to grades below rear admiral Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve: permanent p r o m o t i o n — Navy, ensigns; Marine Corps, second l i e u t e n a n t s: temporary promotion Suspension: preceding sections Application: preceding sections Temporary promotions in time of w a r or national emergency Navy, ensigns; Marine Corps, second l i e u t e n a n t s: eligibility for promotion Officers receiving thanks of Congress Officers advanced in rank Appointing power Oath of office not required

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5861. Physical examination 5862. Mental, moral, and professional examination: examining b o a r d s; board members 5863. Examining boards: procedure 5864. Discharge of oflScer not morally qualified 5865. Effect of failure to qualify professionally 5866. Delegation of power of President to Secretary of the Navy

368 369 369 370 370 371

C H A P T E R 5.51.—OFFICERS IN COMMAND Sec. 5941. 5942. 5943. 5944. 5945. 5946. 5947. 5948. 5949. 5950. 5951. 5952. 5953. 5954.

Assignment to command: regulations Aviation commands: eligibility Naval shipyards Marine Corps officers: limitation on power to command Staff corps officers: limitation on power to command Precedence accorded commanding officers Requirement of exemplary conduct Consular powers: senior officer present afloat Policy as to leave and liberty Exemption from Supply Corps duties Continuation of authority after loss of vessel or aircraft Marine Corps organizations on vessels: authority of officers Executive officer: a s s i g n m e n t; authority Command: when different commands of Marine Corps and Army or Air Force join 5955. Retired officers w i t h d r a w n from command

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C H A P T E R 553.—Special ASSIGNMENTS AND D E T A I L S Sec.

5981. Squadrons: detail of officers on active list to command 5982. Ships and squadrons: detail of retired officers to command 5983. State Department: assignment of enlisted members as custodians of buildings in foreign countries 5984. Military institutions and colleges: details as superintendents and instructors 5985. Nautical Schools: detail of naval officers as superintendents or instructors 5986. Technical institutions: detail of naval officers to promote knowledge of n a v a l engineering and n a v a l architecture 5987. American National Red Cross: detail of officers in the Medical Corps81913 O—56


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